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post treatment for recurrence



In May of 2016 my sister had extensive surgery for epithelial ovarian cancer, then treatment with carboplatinum and taxol. Recurred about a year after that treatment. She is just finishing another round with carboplatinum and doxil this time.

She doesn't have the BRCA gene, but her doctor has still offered an oral medicine - lynparza - as it seems to push out the (almost certain) next recurrence.

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this drug?

Thank you!

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Hi Mam, sorry to hear about your sister, yes it does seem a new drug is available to non braca patients and this is absolutely brilliant. I have no experience of it unfortunately. I will be offered it in the future. It is great that OC is getting more manageable and I wish your sister the best for treatment. I know you are monitored more closely on the newer drugs and also get good attention,


I think you'd get more replies if you re-posted with the name of the drug in the title....

Mam958 in reply to Hidden


Reading around I realized that Lynparza is generic for olaparib and have found quite a bit on here about it.

So grateful for everyone on here.

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