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Hi I'm new here. I have kidney disease and have recently been having flank pain after eating, so my nephrologist had me get an ultrasound. the ultrasound showed a cyst on my kidney, but since I had been also complaining of abdominal pain, the ultrasound also was done there and showed several cysts on my ovaries.

I was told to call my gynocologist. I also have had irregular periods for the last 2 months or so. I thought that was due to perimenopause so never went to my gyno about it as I just had an exam several months ago. I mentioned this as well to my gyno so they are having me do an ultrasound and having a biopsy done as it looks like I have all the symptoms of second stage ovarian cancer. Though, the symptoms could be from other things as well so they want to rule it out. Fingers crossed.

Here's my question. My appointment with my gyno isn't for another month. When I've recently had ultrasounds, it seems they are taking awhile to get through insurance. How fast can this spread? My gyno said if I don't hear from the ultrasound people to get one scheduled within 10 days to call back, but should I be pushing to get it done more quickly. Will a month make a difference?

Thanks for your help. A little overwhelmed after finding out I had kidney disease last year at this time. Want to stay on top of information so I can stay mentally strong.

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  • Hi Zazzel,a month won't make a difference.I would stay on top of the ultrasound appointment though and I was going to suggest PET scan but due to your Kidney disease,I don't think they allow it as it can cause more damage to the kidneys.Your gyne will have the results from your ultrasound within 2 days so, make sure you have your ultrasound done at least a week before you see him/her.Hopefully it's only benign cysts you have and not O.C,

  • Thank you annieH. That makes me feel a little less panicky since my insurance company seems to be dragging their heels.

  • I would think you would get an ultra sound within the next week well that is how it is in Ireland and you posted on the Irish website. There shouldnt be an issue with your insurance if it is up todate and if you were joined for a few years prior to your illness.

  • oops! Didn't realize it was an Irish site. I'm in the US. I'll have to go ask there. :) thanks!

  • No problem we are all in the one boat so as to speak, there is nothing worong with you being on here

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