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Hi Ladies, I wish you all well. my lapton grew old so I havent been able to post a lot lately. But now I am back in action. On Monday last headed to Krakow instead of the usual week in Malaga. Well before we went I thought it was cold here but Krakow was worse, so glad I had the foresight to pack a fleece. I wore it inside my jacket at all times. As I said to Zaneta, the polish apeople are really nice people. We walked around Krakow and also did a tour of the two concentration camps. To put it mildly it was sad and to make the atmosphere sadder it was pouring rain. It is humbling and grounding to be honest. Michael O Leary left us down badly by not rearranigng our flight home a day later. The deserts were just fantastic and those who know me also know, I am happy with a burger so we found a restaurant that served lovely trout and a decent burger. So we were both happy.and it was near our hotel so we didnt get too wet. I am gratelful last check up was stable so back again in December. Sending kind thoughts to Kittie at this time.

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  • Hi Suzuki

    i'm delighted you had a lovely time in Krakow - I haven't been but I believe it's beautiful.

    Will you make the coffee morning in Dublin on 7th?

    Juliet x

  • Hi Juliet, I have to go to Dublin next Thursday. I have to travel to christening and a wedding in October so not sure if I will make the coffee morning in Dublin. If at all possible I will make an effort to come up for the coffee morning. We had to travel to Dublin Airport for flights as we are very limited here in Cork. If I can I certainly will come up, all the best

  • Great if you can make it Suzuki! If not, I might see you in Cork at next event.


  • Good news. So pleased for you. Just back from Krakow myself in late August and it was boiling. My son married a Polish girl in England in April and we had part two in Wadowice. The Polish certainly know how to throw a party. Lovely country and people. Went to the mountains, lakes and Zakapane too. Breath taking scenery. X

  • My cousin was also there in August and it was roasting so we got the wrong end of the stick but we had a brolly and warm clothes as I was checking the weather forecast. it is a lovely country and all the Polish people we met were pleasant.

  • Glad you enjoyed your break away.Now you got to plan another break away😀☀️.fantastic news your stable ,so happy for you.We have christening next Sunday so looking forward to that.We're home now for the winter ,I'll miss the relaxation of Kerry

  • Hi Annie, I ate too much white rolls for brekkie so you can guess the rest. Enjoy the christening, we have one mid October and a Wedding ten days after that. Despite that this illness is never far from our minds. Krakow didnt break the bank at all in fairness. The autumn hasnt been great and it rained all last week when we were away. Went to the concentration camps and photographed the empty gas canisters for a certain gent. But most likely he has been there and taken his own photos. Hard to believe that this gas in its purity killed so many but chemo is derived from that/ The weekend has been nice though. I doubt if I will make the Dublin coffee morning as need to go there next week and the journey is long enough. All the best

  • Good to have you back Suzuki. I missed your wise words . Krakow was on my bucket list but haven't made it yet . Good to know too that things are stable and long may that continue. Take care


  • Hi Molly O, I did miss my laptop I can tell you and I hadnt a clue how to use my daughters ipad although she did set up health unlocked for me, I felt guilty if I used too much battery. We also had a new addition a grandson, he is nine weeks old now and doing good. Because his Mum has crohns she was on meds so his immune system was compromised but he did better than expected. In addition his big brother is in school so it is up to us to travel to them, They live in Mooncoin and it is a bit of a trip. I am terrified of the traffic on the motorway if we go that way through Clonmel. For winter, we will just have to do over night. so his christening is coming up mid Oct and then we fave a wedding ten days later. Reception is in Waterford Castle and I will wear what I wore for my sons wedding. Might as well get the use out of it, all I must do now is lose a few kilos. If only I could stay off the treats but we need treats, Hope you are doing okay,

  • Hi Suzuki

    You have a busy Autumn ahead with joyful occasions . If I haven't already done do , I want to say congrats on your new grandchild. You would get used to an iPad very quickly If I did anyone can ! I am going back to the country on Thu and already I'm missing the city. Things didn't quite work out as I wanted. Will pm you with the details so that I won't bore everyone else ! I mean the details would not be of interest to the other ladies who have more important things on their minds. Meanwhile it's on with the packing ! Take care


  • Thought I hadn’t seen you on here for a while and glad to know things are stable and you’re back online. Even though I rarely post and have also been dipping in and out over the summer, I like to keep an eye on the forum and how people are doing. I should probably get better at posting I tend to put stuff away in a box in my head a bit too much these days maybe! Trip to Poland sounds very worthwhile and humbling, I have not been but would like to do it. Maybe when it’s a bit warmer though! Think i’ll be starting more chemo soon but hoping to fit in a little city break before Christmas maybe Lisbon. I won’t fly Ryanair tho!!

    Keep well

    Madeline xx

  • hi Madeline, yes I find it good to plan little treats now and again. Lisbon is nice and if you can manage a train trip to Cascais that is a nice area too, its only about 20 min by train. My daughter just caught me peeping at weather in Krakow and its 18 to 20 degrees now with sunshine, I just picked the wrong week. Ryan air are unbelievable and now having a sale to add insult to injury. I am due back with Onc in December and hope to be reasonably stable still. If not I just have to take it on the chin, all the best

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