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Hi ladies, I'm sure I am like many others out there who read the posts but don't post at all or only occasionally. I find this site very helpful and a great source of support.

I'm about to start down the road of caylx next Wednesday.

I already have had carbo/taxol twice.

Finished last 8 rounds Dec.had scan January and tumour reduced. Remained on Avastin.

Last week admitted to hospital and told tumour has increased and Avastin not working and carbo resistant so hence new 4 weekly drug.

I said to my gynaecologist that it didn't bode well for me if it had reoccurred so quickly and all she said was no it didn't and left it at that. I was gutted to say the least as I was looking for a little bit of hope but none forthcoming.

Can any of you ladies relate to this?

I'm trying to stay positive.

Also anyone out there on cannabis oil,does it help any?

Thank you.

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Well Westawake, I think your Oncologist is lacking in empathy. Could she not suggest Gemzar This is another drug used here for recurrent Chemo, We have a fab Onc down here from the West of Ireland. Would you think of a second opinion if you are getting that attitude. There are also good Oncs in Dublin, have a think about it. Certainly start the Caelyx but have a look around maybe you could be eligible for Javelin 200 trial which is currently in Ireland, Never used hemp oil not sure if it is strong enough. Just beware of anyone offering it as you need to be sure it is perfect quality.

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Suzuki, thank you but I have yet to meet the oncologist to see what he has to say. It was the gynaecologist that was negative. I will check out what he says about them other drugs though.

I'm based in the West of Ireland and oncologist has great reputation. But I'll discuss also second opinion.

Thank you for your feedback.


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Well hopefully you can find another gynaecologist if needs be, The oncologist knows a lot more about drugs than the gynae. If you are happy with oncologist then go by him. I speak from experience


Suzuki, Thank you so much.

Continued good health to you.

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Hi, sorry to hear you are having a difficult time and feel you have not been given encouraging vibes from your gynaecologist. However, don't feel hopeless. I was in a similar situation seven years ago having had a second occurrence of OC. I had taken six rounds of chemo which didn't seem to work and I was put in Caelyx at a time when I was feeling very weak and barely able to walk or be able to get out of bed much. I took six sessions which I did not feel could do much and had to give chemo up after that because I was just too ill to take anymore. My medical team did not give me much hope then but I am happy to say I am still here and living a very good life, I have not had chemo since 2011, I have had a lymph node removed two years ago and another cyst removed last year laparoscoply and recovered very well on both occasions. I have lived well all those years and hope to continue. I did change my eating habits seven years ago, avoided sugar products, eat lots of veg and reduced meat consumption, took three green vegetable juices daily and eat organic vegetables where possible. I also took supplements to build up the immune system after completing chemo. Hope this may make you feel more positive about your own situation. Good luck. Una


This is wonderful to hear! What kind of supplements you took to build you immune system?


Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Just what I needed umcaroll.

Hope you continue to do well.


yes, I can relate to it sometimes they are scared to say too much in case you don't want to hear it I think....maybe they need psychological help as well as us.

Remember, though nobody actually knows what is going to happen...be strong. love Chris



Thank you so much for your response. I'm feeling good heading into the start of my first Caylx treatment on Wednesday and hopeful that it will do it's magic on me!! And that I respond well and don't have too many side effects!!

Remaining strong so far.

Hope you are doing well and getting through everything.


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