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Thank you

Thank you June,Sharon and Ovacare for a wonderful informative day last Saturday.I apologise for leaving without saying good bye to all but had an ache in tummy which turned out to be cistitis.

It was wonderful to meet you Suzuki and Cat.Really interesting news on the upcoming trials.Looking forward to Coffee morning soon.Im on cranberry capsules and antibiotics at present,I reckon it was because I wore a dress last Saturday,I very very rarely wear a dress,it's always pants!! That's what I get for matching my hubby's colour co ordination!

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Cystitis is the pits isn't it! Just what we need...NOT. hope you're soon feeling better

Clare xx


Annie I saw and listened to your patients story last night but when I tried to post today in the hospital I kept losing the internet so sorry it's a bit late. What a poem you should put it on line , you are a great woman for your bucket lists I keep saying I should write one but then can't think of anything I would like to do until I see someone else has done it and then say I must write that down but forget. I wouldn't take on car driving lessons etc I am not brave enough. I absolutely loved your neck piece and you looked amazing ( but I know it's not how you look on the outside it's how you feel on the inside) I hope to make the coffee morning when ever it's on but with me at the moment its don't plan anything or it won't happen so it's just make hay when the sunshine's. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Kittie 🌱

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Sorry you are feeling under the weather, mind yourself for heavens sake, the things we do, I was achy on Sunday probably with tiredness as had three busy days. I am into action now and will divulge the results next week. It was a fab day and your story was magic


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