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Ovacare Patient Day Clarion Hotel,

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ruth and June for organising the best Ovacare Patient Day ever.   The patient story set the scene for what proved a wonderful day. A special mention to those who travelled long distances to be here today.  The pharmacist did give us lots of information about the various drugs and side effects and told the captive audience always consult your pharmacist as they provide valuable information.   Arc House were very well represented by two ladies who understand what emotions run through our minds.  Thank you to the two doctors and finally a huge thank you to our esteemed Oncologist.   His talk was witty informative and extremely hopeful.   Those of you who were unable to attend, will be able to see the videos on this site in the near future.  Next Coffee morning Sat June 11th at Clarion Hotel, Cork.

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Thank you for reporting back xx I couldn't make it this year due to treatment so it lovely to hear how it went x best wishes Trish 

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suzuki in reply to TrishLey

Well the news from the Prof at the end was good there is a new drug expected on stream in the summer.  In all it was the best one I attended.

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Sounds good , any new Drug signals a ray of hope. Thanks again for reporting back :) xxx Trish

Hey Suzuki! 

I must agree it was a great day! I am just home as I had to go and do a bit of retail therapy afterwards!!! Thanks to all involved in organising the day it was great to put faces to names too! 

All the best to everyone and I hope that those who couldn't make it today will be able to make the next one it's great to chat with people who know exactly what you are going through! 

Best of luck with the wedding BTW enjoy and dance your socks off!!! 

Onwards and Upwards!!! 


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suzuki in reply to HogwartsDK

It was lovely to meet you at last, I thought your patient story and presentation just fantastic.  It was also nice to see that others travelled from afar.   I really enjoyed Profs presentation also and it gave us all hope that there is a new drug on the horizon.  That lifted our mood when leaving.   I did miss Daisies a lot and a good few of our Cork ladies were unable to attend mostly they were gone away.  

Hi D

You were wonderful and I did tell you on the day but I didn't recognise you as Hogwart. You also looked great. What a professional slick presentation. I could never follow that .


Ah thanks Molly! I was shaking with the nerves but glad I did it all the same! I remember you I think and it was great to meet you too I didn't realise you were who you are either!!! 

Thanks again!


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suzuki in reply to HogwartsDK

I didnt see any nerves just a lovely lady with an excellent presentation bubbly personality and a great sense of humour

Hi Suzuki, I am so glad you all had a great day yesterday😈 and I am looking forward to seeing the day on line shortly .I am not sure if I will make the Coffee Morning in June it is the day before my 25th Wedding Anniversary .I definitely will not plan anything that way I won't be disappointed again. kittie..

Well your Wedding Anniversary is a special one so you have to celebrate that.  There will be another one maybe in Sept and a Patient day in Autumn in Dublin hopefully.  We will get to meet again dont worry.  Enjoy being looked after and I hope the hospital stay will be a short one.  Best wishes


It was a great day but I never did find you ! I found a lovely Scottish woman who I discovered was in the same PPC boat as me and we stayed at the same table. I am not really great at working a room. I am quite shy despite my long posts and did not go around peering at people's name badges . I did have MollyO written on mine  in the hope someone might read it. All of the presenters were wonderful but one could have been so much shorter and really ate into valuable time expecially for Q and A . I recall the exact same thing happening last year when all we needed were a couple of bullet points and a handout. In fact this presenter should have just had a separate desk set up so women could come to if they needed. As it was she had a captive audience. Apart from that it was a really interesting day . The patient story was brilliant and so well presented. Take a bow D ! You remain a mystery Suzuki and I will just have to go with the image I have of you. I do hope your scan went well as i have been thinking about you.


I agree with you entirely, Bullet points would have been sufficient.  It was interesting though.   I am sorry I didnt meet you either,  I came in with a couple and sat at a back table and then moved to the front because we couldnt see the screen.  I did meet that lady you mentioned.   I came home wondering did I miss you which I obviously did.  I didnt ask any questions and stayed for the Mindfulness practice in the room. I had an aztec cardi on and my glasses which I am getting lost without.  Another lady said she was coming for the after noon session and I didnt meet here either, not sure if she came in fact.   Dee was just fantastic full of vigour you certainly wouldnt think she had just finished treatment.   I also enjoy Dr Khan but he has given me food for thought, more walking less facebook.   I am back for result of mri this afternoon, it was a stressful weekend in that regard.    Wedding looming Saturday, time does fly you know.  I am again sorry I didnt meet you


Not long in from visiting cousin in hospital so just replying to you now. Hope the MRI scan went well. Further delay in my getting scans reviewed so to say I am not pleased is the understatement of the year ! I did intend to message you on thu or fri but my stress levels were going through the roof then . In fact I only decided on Fri morning not to cancel . Meanwhile wish you all the best for a clear scan so you can really look forward to the wedding . Take care


Thank you Molly O, the mri just showed inflamation I still need to do routine ct and thorax in May but feel a lot lighter.   I expect I have to go back to gp to see what he is doing re inflamation, do I need a rheumatologist or what.  Tne onc didnt say, and I felt so annoyed at wasting his very precious time to be honest.   I know my gp is on the ball but sometimes he takes it a bit too far.    I can imagine how you feel, its stressful waiting for results and reviews etc.   When Onc came into room on Sat, I thought of mri and couldnt do the first mindfulness relaxation.  I did get into the second one.  So here I am today in waiting area, concentrating on the breath and counting to ten,  It did work mind you.   So now at least I can relax for wedding and deal with the referrals in May

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HogwartsDK in reply to suzuki

Great news Joan! Have a fab day at the wedding now with lots of dancing and laughter!!!! 


Thank you, I was in Dublin today, I got an invite to the Launch of the GP survey on Access to Diagnostics.   I think it was because myself and the late Daisies were campaigning for early diagnosis for OC,  The booklet will be available to down load from the ICS site,  I was appalled that the survey graph showed longest waiting times for public patients was gynae,  So I did mention at questions and answers that as an Ovarian Cancer Patient, I found those statistic alarming and how could they be rectified.  Now the HSE is saying that the report doesnt show a true picture of urgent referrals.  Thinking about it and my recent trip to Onc ,I think I have to agree with that,  If there is a problem, you will be seen fairly soon.  The report is interesting and if you have time it should be on the ICS website.  So back to wedding, I am more or less sorted just a few small things to do.   The weather is so cold really though

Hi sounds a lovely day, wish I could be over there with you all in Ireland

Caroles xxx

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