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Ovarian Cancer Awareness


Hi All, just to let you know Bravehearts Choir which consists of Cancer patients some ovarian, family and friends held their first concert at Bishopstown GAA Club on Sat 10th May. It was very successful and the choir sang ten numbers. Guest artistes also performed. However, all members wear light teal coloured scarves as part of the dress code. During the concert, it was brought to the audiences attention that Ovarian Cancer Day had been on May 8TH so hopefully this has spread the word out a little further in Cork.

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That's fantastic Suzuki. Sounds like it was a great event. Wonderful opportunity to raise awareness. Well done to all.

suzuki in reply to Missfitz

Yes well the director of the choir mentioned Cancer Awareness and one of the speakers also said that 8th May was Ovarian Cancer Day and that people should be more aware of its existence and take note of Miriam O Callaghan. It was the first concert and I think we singers were more confident as the night went on. More importantly, my stress levels are down at the moment, but knowing me that will change again haha.


Well done that was great. Do you have a photo of that to post to the world ovarian cancer day facebook.

suzuki in reply to Ovacare2

My daughter has one or two on her Iphone. It would look good actually. I shall see how we can do sometime today. Actually there is a fb page with a photo taken a few weeks ago. Bravehearts Choir is the name of the page. Maybe at some stage they would perform a song or two at your info day in the future.

Congratulations, Suzuki. Must have been good fun too!

Hi Cathanne, yes the energy was overwhelming. I have lost all the stress re cancer and work that I had given myself over the past few weeks or so. When you are singing, nothing else enters the little head and that is a positive..

Hi Suzuki, It sounds as if a great night was had by all and sounds a good way to relieve stress. Hope to see a photo soon.

suzuki in reply to kittie

we are waiting for photos to be put up on the fb page but musical director likes to see photos they post first. So we are rehearsing tomo night as per usual. We hope to end the year by meeting up for a meal. We will reconvene again in Sept. pg.for more song

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