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Hi all - just reading a wonderful report from Sinead Dineen, Limerick in the Health + Family Supplement of Irish Times today ( Tues 16th) and how her Art helped her ....

some of you may remember Sinead from Ovacare Patient Day in Cork on 11th April.

Worth reading.

Well done Sinead on a wonderful article and also for raising the awareness of OvCa even more.



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Hi Daisies. Thanks for making us aware of Sineads article in the Irish Times . I have logged in to the Irish Times site and read it ,as you said the more awareness of OC that gets out there the better. Also Sinead congratulations on your article and well done. Kittie.


Congrats Sinead, thank you Daisies for sharing with us. A piece of good news, a young lady I met along the way, with a different type of Cancer had vowed to changed her life. And so she did, she has now completed year one of her Nursing Training at UCC and CUH . I think it is inspirational changing her career and life and going back as a mature student and passing all her exams. Life can be good too.


Sinead its great to see the word getting out there, we need to inform women of this illness. I was talking to my gp recently and he feels Ovacare is brilliant. Well done again on your article.


Congratulations Sinead, lovely article. I did a course of art therapy since diagnosis and found it helpful. Miriam


Well Done Sinead,the more awareness that's out there the better.Brilliant article.your right Suzuki,the people on Ovacare/Ovacome are brilliant,xx


Great article Sinead. Your work looks amazing. As do you! Lovely pictures. X


Great article Sinead . So proud of you . Well well done also love your art .


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