Ovarian cyst

Hi ... I was diagnosed with a left ovarian cyst in June last year. This was causing immense pain in my side down my left leg and generally unwell. I had 3 injections of prostap but had to stop as had adverse reaction to it. I had the minera coil fitted in 28th December and have had severe pain and cramping and bleeding constantly - back to how I felt 6 months ago. Is this normal ? I would like it removed but not sure what else is available. I have go next week for 6 week check so would like some options before I go see her. Thank you in advance. D x

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Hi there, you are actually on the Ovarian Cancer site, but I do suggest you speak to your gynae or gp, I personally dont have experience with mirena coil etc, most of us on here would had had hysterectomies. I think the best place for advise is your medical team, all the best


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