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That time again for new treatment

Just to let you know had first session of 6 cycles of Caelyx experience a slight backache before but had CFCs injections at week end then it seem worse today so had to have morphine has anyone else experience this also big hugs to every one by the way had several different treatments over the last two keeping things at bay onwards and upwards

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Good luck with it - what are those injections? Was it a typo for GCSF? I thought CFCs were the stuff in fridges.... well, we do often feel pretty wierd with chemo, so why not!

GCSF injections can make your bones ache as they're making the bone marrow go into overdrive......Epsom salt baths are good.


Thanks for your reply perhaps CFCs would help too the only thing is I can not soak in a bath as I have walk in shower also I thing I did not help the cause as I was dancing at my granddaughters 18th birthday party Saturday which nearly made me stay in taxi all night thanks for that hope everything is well with you big hugs

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Hi Bobbyo,

Good luck with the treatment,sounds positive and hope all gets better.

I haven't got any experience of your treatment,but just wanted to send you my love and best wishes

Carole xxx


Thankyou so much big hugs to you


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