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I just want to congratulate Annie H on her fabulous appearance and interview last night on the Miriam O Callghan show. She was truely amazing, and isnt it nice to post something happy !!!! Anne you have a lovely voice kept hidden from us all this time. You were so composed and got your points totally across. As for the duet, you were like a pro, well done, I was crying when you were singing but so was the audience and those of us watching at home. Well done hope you are resting off today, I am certain your Prof is so proud of you. They also need to see us in a different light and it is is good because they also need to see us happy as it make the medics happy. Well done, and definitely the new Hub in Gearys has to be called the "Dancing Queen" or" Supertrooper in your honour"

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Amen to that Suzuki. She was wonderful. I expected her to able to sing but never expected that amazing voice. Herself and Tommy really harmonised . I think he was very pleasantly surprised too. Inspirational and brave lady .


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Yes Suzuki, Anne gave a fabulous interview and what a voice . Not only is her family proud of her but all of us Ovacare ladies and the whole of Ireland are proud of her also. Roll on the next Coffee Morning and we can all have a great sing song which has been suggested on the Ovacare Facebook page, I can't sing but God loves a tryer.🎤🎼🎶🎹🎻🎸🎷🔔Kittie.

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Thanks Suzuki,MollyO and Kittie,I was thinking of starting a girl group "the Teal Warriors ",I'm telling you girls ,we'd nail it! 😉

It was a very humbling experience and the evening echo will have an article about it tomorrow evening with a good part of the article about OvaCare.They had don't their homework about the organisation before hand,thank god.Tommy was a true gentleman and he is such a wonderful singer and tutor.I was thinking of all of you yesterday and I'm so happy ye had a wonderful time at the BBQ.


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