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Hi ladies, I am new to this site and looking for any help or tips anyone can give. Told last week that OC has returned and going to be put on Avastin when I recover from surgery and caelyx (liposomal). Finished 8 sessions of carbo/taxol last year.

Anything I should watch out for? Worried...

Sorry Kittie you are not well but you sound like you know how to turn it around. Hope you can stay strong and get better soon.

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  • Welcome Westawake, although you probably would prefer not to join us. So you are having surgery soon, so I wish you the best with this. I havent been on Caelyx but was on Gemzar with Avastin for a third recurrence. I had Gem for fouor months with Avastin then Avastin on its own until last Oct. At the moment I am stable. I found the Avastin doable, mainly nasal issue and an upset tummy now and again. You can be tired from it but I imagine you can also be tired from Caelyx as well. My advice to you would be to go to a Cancer Support Centre near you. Sometimes it helps as they understand what we are going through more than friends. For the surgery have one or two nighties for the first day or so and slipper you can get on easily post surgery. Also loose pants for when you come out. Bring some nice hand cream and vaselene to hospital also. Perhaps a few magazines or a personal cd player or ipod to play your own music if you are into that. First of all I will you the best with your surgery, do let us know how you are doing. Some of the ladies on here have been on Caelyx and I am sure they will get back to you. It is a worrying time when you get a recurrence but once you have had your surgery and recovery you will be halfway there. All the very best.

  • All, Thank you all for your replies to my recent post. I have had issues with my phone so sorry for not coming back before now. Thanks again. Stay well,stay strong and take care. Westawake

  • Hi Westawake. I had avastin as a maintenance after my first line of treatment and I had Caelyx (fortnightly) for my fourth line of treatment. So I didn't have the combo you're describing. My main issues with avastin were joint pains and sinus pain. I found Caelyx very manageable but it did take a couple of months for my CA125 to drop. If there's anything more specific please don't hesitate to PM

  • Hi, sorry you find yourself here but welcome to the site. I hope your surgery goes well. I had surgery for recurrence last November and although it was as big or bigger op than first one, I think I was more mentally prepared and recovered quicker from the second op.

    I had Caelyx earlier this year. I found it didn't make me tired but I had some nausea the first few days after treatment, I also had a bit of a rash on back and arms so took antihistamine and used e45 cream. The good thing is it is monthly so you get quite a lot of 'good days' in between! I am on avastin now with weekly taxol, The avastin seems ok so far though have noticed I feel a bit breathless at times. I hope it goes well for you and you get good results from this combination.

    Madeline xx

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