Hi Ladies,had the report of my scan yesterday and I am officially in remisssion!!! I'm still not sure how to take this as eventhough I still have traces of cancer,it's now dormant.After fighting the last 3 years it seems unreal to come to this stage.Im going to enjoy it while it lasts and hopefully it will last awhile.

The drug I'm on at present will be licensed in Ireland in the next few months which,is absolutely the best news ever,it will give more women an extra weapon against this disease.There are side effects but it's worth it.When you think of it,this parp inhibator is genetic treatment so it's bound to affect the body's mechanisms,in my case ,my intestines and fat deposits and fat loss in other parts( course the fat couldn't be distributed where I need it and loss where I didn't need it,that would have been too good to be true),so now I have a size 12 waist with a size 16 lower abdomen,and a size 38 chest with a size 10 higher abdomen plus fat deposits on my eyelids!! Not a very romantic picture for hubby to sleep beside at night πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xxx

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  • That's fantastic news and you look gorgeous! May I ask what drug you are on? Long may your remission continue! xx

  • Hi Always ,I'm on Olaparib,for BRCA positive O.C.I know there's a new drug on coming on trial shortly for BRCA neg patients it is also a Parp inhibator.xx

  • I'm BRACA neg... can you please tell me the name of the new drug xx

  • I'm not sure what the name is Linda,all I know is what I heard on the grape vine.I think if you ask your Onc he/ she might know.

  • Ok will ask my Prof. Thanks for getting back to me. Best wishes Linda x

  • Thankyou Annie. I'm brca negative so will eagerly await the new drug! Enjoy your weekend xxx Jane

  • Enjoy every moment and what wonderful news to receive.

  • Fantastic news Annie and what a Fab photo! Long may those lovely smiles last!

    Onwards and Upwards!


  • Fantastic news. I'm sure your hubbie just appreciates that you are still here and cancer free and loves you even more for it. I also had my scan results this week. NED but it's only 1 month since I completed my first ever chemo so I may have a long journey ahead. Keep fighting x

  • Well done. Congratulations, amazing news and amazing feeling for you and your family. Esther xxx

  • You look amazing, what a lovely family.

    Best of luck.

    Ann Nora πŸ€

  • Thanks ladies and thanks for the lovely compliments.That photo was taken on our marriage renewal in 2015,the wig came in fine and handy that day I can tell you ha ha!yes poor hubby is so relieved,it's more difficult for those you love ,watching you go through this horrible illness.We're going out Sunday,celebrating my third anniversary diagnosis.xx

  • annie- you look fabulous!!!!! Beautiful family. Long may you be NED.. Thanks for sharing your information. All my fat with gravity went south. sigh......

    hugs, Carol

  • Well done. Beautiful photo. I wish you a never ending remission .


  • Hi annie

    Fantastic! And you look marvellous!

    Juliet x

  • Annie, well done, enjoy yourself and family time with that good news. Great to get remission.

    Lovely pic.

  • Sorry Annie haven't been on site lately but fab news for you and family it's great this drug will be available to others. I will be missing next week also as if Michael O Leary permits I am heading to Krakow tomorrow. God only knows when I will be back. Lucky booked through local travel agent and they have to sort it. Sorry didn't go to Malaga. Back to you ye have to be over the moon with this news and there is one happy man in Cork as well. All the best

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