Another scan

Thought I be alright since I finish avastin in November was not ment to see consult till February for a review but have been experiencing nausea since Christmas change sickness tablets as they were not working been put forward for earlier scan next week and had a letter for consultant the day after just keeping my fingers cross that the Ailian has not changed hopefully the results will be in front of the consultant

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  • Hi Bobbyo1, sorry you are going through so much at the moment hopefully it is just a clutch and everything will turn out well for you . Take care and mind yourself during this horrible weather. Kittie.

  • Thankyou for your reassurance not long now to find out all the best to you

  • I didnt need anti sick for Avastin but I did notice that some days I wouldnt feel like eating a whole lot. Also, I discovered that I could get windy pains etc and ended up carrying immodium everywhere I went. I finished the Avastin in October and even for a few weeks this pattern continued. I wasnt really worried because had colonscopy end of August and it was clear. It does seem to be settling now. I juice in the mornings and add ginger root. If I feel that the tummy is over stimulated I just cut out the fibre and it settles again. Perhaps yours will settle too and that the scan shows nothing to worry about. I would also drink peppermint tea and have a packets of strong mints to hand,

  • Thank you for your advice it's just that I sailed through chemo and advastin now it's payback time I sure every is ok but I always a bit anxious before scan results I also take mints out with me eating is alright but then the nausea starts so it a vicious circle at the moment best wishes to you

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