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advise on ca125

hi there, i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013, had a major op and 6 sessions of chemo, i have 3/4 monthly visits to my oncoligist and so far he is very pleased with me, i just had my bloods taken and the ca125 is 27...my last one was 16 in august, i have my next appointment the 28th of this month with my oncoligist but i am wondering should i be worried?????

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Hi Cotton, you 125 is still within normal range. When did you have a ct last? I know they prefer not to give them unless you are feeling unwell. But one a year should be the norm if not every six months, it depends on the consultant. They also go by clinical assessment, pain, energy levels, appetite etc. I wouldnt worry just yet, if you wish do ask your onc why has the 125 jumped a bit but there could be a reason for it, you may have an underlying infection etc. Wish you the best with your appointment


Thanks for reply, I had a ct scan in February tis year, I do feel very tired and have flu like symptoms, my skin is also breaking out....


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