Well everyone today is the first day of a new chapter in my life. I have retired from work. I will miss the banter but I suppose move forward and take time to embrace this part of my life. I am deeply appreciative of the the support given to me by all of you in Ovacare and on this site. The first coffee morning I attended I was immediately made feel at home by everyone. I had an exciting birthday, my son brought my grandson to see me a round journey of 300 miles. This was a huge surprise and made my day. I have no great plans at the moment except to tackle the garden etc and take time to smell the roses. I am doing okay at the moment while on Avastin and really I know I am lucky. I hope those of you having treatment at the moment have a long remission when finished. Looking forward to catching up with you during the summer months. I did write another post but I must have deleted it so hope I am not repeating myself. Best wishes to all Joan

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  • Good for you Joan. It will be a big change I'm sure but i hope you thoroughly enjoy your retirement! Glad to hear the Avastin is still working well and suiting you. Take care.


  • Enjoy your retirement Joan. You won't know where you found the time to work very soon?! :) I coffee and lunch with friends so that is my new full time occupation lol x

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Congratulations! When one door closes, another one opens... they say anyway! Wishing you every happiness in this new phase of your life. I'm sure it will be another 'new normal' to adjust to, but no better woman to overcome that challenge - Just look back in what you've come through over the last number of years. Enjoy your time!

  • Yes it is something I couldnt see happening for obvious reasons but it happened so we can all surprise ourselves. Went down to vote today and left car near polling station but then walked down the street to shopping centre, it was strange passing work. I came back up through the park which was overun by teenagers. The fine weather and holiday time brings them all out. Might pop up to Arc House for their coffee morning tomo for a small while,

  • Hi Joan, enjoy smelling the roses and having lots of fun and banter with family, friends, and good neighbours x

  • Thanks Tinkerbelle, I will smell the flowers I have paeonies in bud waiting for them to flower for two years, cleaned up the border and got some plants and put down the solar lights I got a few weeks ago. They only last a year or two. I will have fun too you can be sure, thank you

  • Wishing you all the best for it.... as someone else said, how did I find the time to work.... ? xx

  • I know when I used be out sick I would wonder how I coped but this time it is so final but for a good reason too, However I can see if I can do voluntary maybe towards the end of the summer for a half day. Hopefully the weather will be nice for the next while

  • It is a new chapter in your life and hopefully it will be a chapter that is part of a tome.You will miss the banter and the social aspect of work but at least now you can choose the social groups you feel you'd like to get involved with(if any).we will definitely see each other before the summer ends and you can hopefully give me. Few tips on gardening! Well done you and,best wishes for a wonderful

  • I am not a great gardener just a few flower beds and pots. I like a bit of colour. So will pick up some bedding plants in the next few weeks that hopefully wont fail me. So with doggy walking etc will wonder how I found the time to work.

  • Congrats Joan. Wishing you all the best xx Trish

  • Thanks Trish, hope you doing okay

  • This is a good time in your life Joan . Avastin is working an health is good. You can now enjoy doing nothing if you want to so Carpe Diem an congrats .

  • That is true and I am fairly good at doing nothing once the house is tidied in the morning. Definitely a big clean up on the cards but not too fussed

  • Congratulations and a very long ,happy and healthy retirement , in a couple of weeks you will wonder how you ever fitted in work. Kittie

  • That is true Kittie, I did start at the garden and flower bed today. I have a little robin come to visit looking for worms and crumbs, Then he flies away across the road to a tree and sings his heart out during the day. Now when the car stops he sings to remind me and as sure as anything he will come down from that tree when I put out his crumbs. Hope you are doing okay. At least the weather seems to be warming up

  • Joan - as you know I am a very strong supporter of retirement. Actually, I think we should do at least 10 years retirement before starting our careers!!!!!

    A new chapter begins, so enjoy it.

    Talk soon,


  • Yes I second that idea,

  • Enjoy your retirement. You'll

    soon wonder how you ever found time to work.


  • HI Pat thanks yes even no rest today, went to a coffee morning and then took dogs to groomers, so must go shopping before I collect them. I think its my hubby who has retired to the bed

  • hi Joan , I know how you feel about Ovacare, its a life line. Happy belated birthday to you and I'm sure you will fit right into retirement and plant beautiful flowers and shrubs for you to look at and love every day.

    you take care and have a good weekend


  • Hi Sinead, hope you are doing okay. I had a quiet retirement went out to lunch with some colleagues but we are meeting up Friday week after they finish work. I have my plants but was slow to put them in because it was too cold hopefully this week now. My daughter was doing a tidy up today and I found a project I had done for an exam while on first chemo. I was knotted and I am wondering why I wasnt fired on the spot. However looking back when I retired my workplace was indeed after including the services that were missing and are going on to provide more. So much changes and you dont realise how much until you go and read through something your wrote years ago. The weather was really bad up here today one or two of the ladies were doing the marathon or part of a relay team for Ovacare. I was thinking about it but was a bit unwell last week, nothing serious but a bit sore. Thank god I can sit down now again haha

  • Enjoy the roses Joan xxx

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