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Hello Lovely Ladies!!!!

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Hello All!

Haven't posted in a while! Life is very busy at the min and time just flew by! I am doing really good TG! I have gone vegan since I spoke to you all last and surprisingly enough I am enjoying it so far doing it about 5 weeks now! I also went on a fab yoga retreat a couple of weeks ago! The retreat was at Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare and it was really relaxing! The scenary is amazing and the yoga was great too! It was all Vegatarian food and it was soooooo Good! The pic is a few that I took that weekend!

I hope you are all as well as can be expected or even better hopefully! I know some of you are going through a hard time and I think about you all often and send you much love!

I have registered for the Coffee Morning in Cork and have booked a nice hotel for Friday and Sat to make a weekend of it so hopefully I will see some of you there!

Take Care!


14 Replies
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Great to see your update and the lovely photographs. You are obviously in a good place all round. Well done with your progress and living the life you choose. I'm 2 years on from my first chemo and doing grand. Got my curves back and now only working 3 days a week. Lots to be grateful for with a new grandaughter just 7 weeks ago, and a more time to enjoy the things that make a difference. How time flies when life is good. Enjoy the coffee morning in Cork. Love to you all.

To Infinity and Beyond.

Loraine. 💖😎🌟🌼🌱

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HogwartsDK in reply to grannylo

Sounds like you are in a good place too Lorraine....fab! And congrats on your new granddaughter.....lots of good news and long long long may it continue!!!

All the best!!!


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Wow, that's beautiful. My husband, Mark, has family from his mother's side in Co Donegal - Inver, not far from Killybegs. It's beautiful out there too. His dad's family come from Mayo and we have visited that part of Ireland a few times too. It's a beautiful part of the world. Mark and our son Matthew surf lots in Ireland with Bundoran Surf Co and surf at Rossnowlagh, Tullen and Mullachmore. (Probably all spelt wrong!!). Love Jane XX

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Hi, so glad you're doing well, i wondered if you were OK as you hadn't been on for a while. Its beautiful in Co Clare. My family and I hired a cottage there years ago, right by the sea, although no access to it as we were up on a. Cliff but we were able to see and hear the waves. We visited the cliffs of Moher and my husband, two daughters and father-in-law took a boat trip to see them from the sea.

Enjoy the coffee morning.

Ann xx

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It looks great d , I too have gone vegan our youngest son and family are too. My son is diabetic and it seems to be helping him . We are going away for a few days tomorrow, staying in a caravan near York. Really looking forward to it ,as we have not been anywhere since I started with this in 2015 . 🤗 Love Julie xx

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Clare lovely to hear you are doing so well, I have thought about going on a vegaterian diet but haven't got there yet, I think I like my meat too much.

Hugs Ellsey

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Hi D

Glad you are enjoying my County. I was also interested in your vegan diet. I had to make a long trip in a taxi this morning and the taxi man was singing the praises of veganism . He said he had heart problems which included a leaky valve . He was put on medication and now doesn't even have to take it four months later. Anyway it's a personal choice and he had a different ailment. Will talk to you about it at coffee morning on the 29th. I have just registered. Take care


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Hi I am very happy y enjoyed county clare. Looking forward to seeing y in Cork.

Hi D

Great pics! I was just thinking about you the other day too! I've also booked into a hotel in Cork but just for Friday night - my daughter and grandchildren will be with me (not at coffee morning!) and we'll take in Fota Park either on way down to Cork or the way home on Saturday.

Looking forward to catch up with all!

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Hey D.. wow get you!! Is this a trial or possibly permanent? I know I couldn't be vegan! Yoga sounds amazing, what a wonderful treat for you.. pics look amazing.

Glad to hear from you..btw I booked the Zip wire for September 😬 Your fault! 😂 Love Michelle x

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HogwartsDK in reply to GBIRVMIC

Hey Michelle!

I have done 2 months of veganism now and while I am certain I will not eat meat again I am not so sure about pure vegan, think I might add eggs back into the diet!

You will have to post about the zipline can't wait to hear what you think.......i LOVED it!!!



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Hi, and nice to meet you :) Glad to met another Vegan and yoga lover too. That place seems fantastic. Can you share the name? :)Thanks

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HogwartsDK in reply to Onia_cat


Yes I love yoga and do Not yoga twice a week! The retreat is in Co Clare I have put the link below so you can have a look.


Being a vegan is hard but I am getting there!


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Onia_cat in reply to HogwartsDK

Thanks. I know it is hard but it is also true that starting anything new takes time. I didn't became vegan in a flash. I have been a vegetarian for years, then I started to take out fish and milk and dairy and then all the rest. I don't know where you are based but here in Dublin among all the nature shops I like Nourish. They have so many things in the fridge and the staff it is usually super helpful. :)

Thanks for the link!

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