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Hi Ladies, well all my outings are over for the moment, nothing else planned before the big day, my sons wedding at the end of April. Besides shows in the 3 arena, graduation party, christening and today afternoon tea in a posh hotel in aid of Cancer Research, my social life has lessened for 2016. I did start looking at outfits for the Wedding at the end of April but came home with a pair of Sketchers. That was very helpful I must say. I am not a dressy up kind of person so that is my excuse. So now have to get down to serious shopping in the next few weeks. I think if I buy too early, I will get allergic to what I buy by the time the wedding comes around. The other thing is that obviously any thing I have seen, I havent tried it on so maybe that is saying I havent seen what I like yet. I hope everyone is doing okay and that the weather isnt getting you down, It is really horrific all the rain and floods and the poor people affected in Bandon, Clare and Clonmel etc, I wish you all well and hope everyone is as good as they can be.

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  • Hi Suzuki,Happy New Year! You've had an amazing 2015 and I'm sure 2016 will be just as amazing.I know what you mean about the mother of the grooms outfit! I ended up buying mine in JonClares but,I had another one bought at the Jasmine in Tralee before that,it's a beautiful mother of the bride/mother of the groom shop.

    The weather is terrible and as you said the poor people who were flooded got no break at all,we were lucky.I was in hospital a few days last week,had to get blood transfusions,I was unable to breath or even dress,now I can even do a little housework ha ha.

    A wish for brighter,drier days ,for then you can go out and enjoy your walks.

    X Annie

  • Hi Annie so sorry to hear that you were in hospital over the Xmas season but I am glad you have recovered after the transfusions. Yes brighter days is what we all need at the moment, Today wasnt too bad for a change, but back to mundane things, I need to get the gutters cleaned out after all the rain and muck etc. I will behave from now on, back for review Feb and probably scan end of April. Trying not to think about it yet. Take care and mind yourself

  • Happy New Year to all of you . Family weddings are great but yes shopping is a pain bet u will b only Gorgous . The sun is peeping out today yahoo !!

  • Well I suppose behind all my bravado is fear that I could end up on treatment again in the next few months. Maybe that is at the back of my mind. The mind is a funny thing really isnt it?

  • Hi Suzuki, you have had a very busy few weeks so I suppose now is the time to get your energy levels up again. I find January a very long month in fact I hate it .My only plans for this month are 2 hospital visits 1 Oncology and 1 Orthopaedic , Oh I also have Reflexology at Dochas so I suppose they are outings of a sort.Like you I am not a dressy up sort of person apart from my handbags but over the next few weeks the Spring range will be hitting the shops and something will just pop out at you and you will know that is the outfit. It is great having something nice to look forward to and being your son it will take some of the pressure of you coming up to the wedding. Take care and talk soon hopefully at a coffee morning in a few weeks. Kittie

  • HI Kittie, yes those appointments come around too fast. I know I am due back for review early Feb and scan may well be on the cards before the next one. I try not to think of it. I must make apt with gp this week I know I have to go back to that lovely gastro consultant to get another haemorrid removed but he said I wouldnt need to do the clean prep as he was happy there was nothing sinister there apart from that. I hope he is not going to do it in clinic without sedation though It is playing up a bit so sooner done the better. I also love reflexology treatments, havent had one in a bit but maybe I will look for one soon.

  • I love a wedding and the weather in April can be great. I would add I was born in April. It's quite strange I could only see this post on my phone. Weather here is rain, rain and more rain.

    LA xx

  • All my email notifications are gone again so I have to come on to the laptop to look at the page, I agree April can be nice in fact and the weather good, Anything is better than this rain and wind and storms we have here at the moment. I hope you are recovering well but taking your time and not doing too much

  • How lovely to have a wedding to look forward to! Good luck with the search. M

  • Well I will find something somewhere, since the wedding is not in Cork, I am taking a back seat. I have some organising to sort the dogs for a night or two so got a name from the vet of someone who looks after dogs in her own house so will sort that anyhow. I still have the sketchers haha

  • Hi Suzuki

    You made me smile. Sketchers may be comfortable but I don't think they will complement the wedding outfit you are searching for. You never know though. You may start a trend. You have some lovely events to look forward to. I have 3 weddings this year . One in May and 3 weeks later in Jun plus a Sep wedding. I'm almost afraid to look forward to them.

    Thanks for your positive encouragement and giving us all the benefit of your experience over the past year. You always have valuable words of wisdom.

    Meanwhile enjoy your retail therapy . I am sure you will find that special outfit. You have lots of time to search . As for me if I could lose the pounds I gained over the past 4 years I would be happy. To add insult to injury this blooming disease made me look like the Michelin woman ! Take care Suzuki


  • Hi Molly O, my phone line has gone down and so has my computer settings but I am back on line but no phone. I am sure your weight isnt as bad as you say. I was afraid to get up on the scales today after Xmas but it wasnt as bad as feared. I have dental apt next week and will be in town and will have a look around. Thank god they sorted the bridesmaids dresses. The Bride has hers quite some time and the suits are done. So I am currently searching for the paperwork for the groom. With all the rules and regulations as he is getting married outside the diocese, it is turning into a nightmare. A lot of problems now because like the local guards, the local priest no longer know us. Anyhow I just have to fall in with all the requests. I hope everyone is able to welcome the New Year. I stayed in last night for Womens Little Xmas, weather too bad and really I dont drink any how, Best wishes

  • Hi Suzuki,I have nothing but good vibes about your next hospital visit.Youll be doing as good as they expected you to, and all your treatment will have been worth it.The one good thing that came out of being diagnosed with O.C is,we have learnt to know our bodies and we soon start asking questions.You'll be looking into the leg wax,fake tan,nails done,make up done, hair arranged,that's going to take up a lot of your time and my one bit of advice is to leave the men at home!!! I don't know if it's the same where you are but down here ,we have to let the mother of the bride pick her outfit first and the mother of the grooms after ,so there's no clashing of colours and style.xx

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