Things you can get away with when you are getting older or can you?

On a light note I went into town today, bought a lovely duvet cover in Penneys or Primark as its also known. So was browsing on my way to the check out and what did I find, a little Minion dog outfit. I took one look at it and giggled, a lady passing by looked at me, Well I was imagining one of the dogs in a minion outfit. She probably thought I was loopy no I didnt buy it half sorry now/ So on I went, and came across the Irish Army Band doing a gig in Merchants Quay shopping centre, so sat down on a convenient bench and listened, It was my five minutes of calm time. No I didnt join in but when they finished, I was bold enough to go to the conductor and tell him how much I enjoyed listening to him and also it was obvious he interacted with his group of players and that it what made it special. Well the moral behind the story was I was well enough to be out and about, appreciate the humour in the dog clothes and also appreciate the lovely music from the First Army Brigade Cork.

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  • Just shows it's the small things in life that bring so much pleasure.

    I was giggling at the Minion outfit. Do you actually have a dog? ha ha

  • Hi Annie, yes I do have a dog a few in fact I am half sorry now I didnt buy it I was on my own at the time haha. I have cavaliers, one real oldie and one quiet a young little guy, I was meant to foster him only and he was to be taken away and rehomed by a group who rehomes cavs up the country but he was so cute I had to keep him. I know it sounds stupid in the circumstances but then again I cant be looking at the bleak side of life all the time.

  • I love the reason you kept your little Cav. They're such sweet dogs. I fostered a dog for my daughter 3 or 4 years ago. He's a great lolloping Welsh Border Collie who's far too big for our city house. My daughter was returning to work after maternity leave and with twins to look after. He was to live with us in the week and would go home at weekends, but he used to cry when he had to go to his other home so he got to stay with us permanently. Luckily we have a huge park, a river and an arboretum just by the house so there's plenty of space for walkies .... and a butchers shop for a bone on the way home. In fact it's doggie paradise where I live. xxx

  • Suzuki. Didn't know which made be giggle more - you looking & examining the minion dog outfit or the idea of you out walking with your dog dressed in it. Mind you, it sounds mucch more fun than acting out '50 shades of grey'.

    I went to see Breaking Dad - the Ross O'Carroll Kelly play, absolutely fantastic. So glad I went out to it.

    All good and preparing dinner for my sister & her family.... lovely smell in house now.

    Take care, Daisies

  • Daisies I went back and looked and it was actually a super hero costume, it was reduced to 50cent and got it for a bit of fun, The dogs werent impressed at all so no photos

  • I hope you enjoyed your dinner you make me hungry thinking about it. I should have bought the outfit, it prob didnt cost a fortune but no no way would I take them out dressed like that, well I could blame it on the treatment of course haha. That play sounded good, its ages since I went to a play. I imagine it was in the Everyman was it? My daughter has gone to see 50 shades of grey tonight with some friends for a laugh. According to the paper the film isnt as fanciful as the book

  • Suzuki - great to see your posts are coming through again. Maureen

  • I still cant get any on my email account, I tried pressing follow to see if that persons posts pop up but that doesnt work for me either. I must be banned haha

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