Patient day in Galway

I have just been looking at some of the videos mainly the patients stories which were very inspiring and if any of you are checking in on this site, just to say be proud ladies. You both did so well. I am interested in the green juices. I do juice but once a day with celery green apples, ginger root and carrots. Unfortunately I do turn to the bikkies and sweets, I have tried to cut them down, I would also eat meat but have tried to cut portions and increase portions of veg. Thinking back, I have been luckier than most, my iron levels were okay during chemo but I did find the Gemzar hit the white cells this time last year. I am lucky in that I have never had to have a blood transfusion or bowel problems and really at the moment despite a stuffy nose and sinus problems I am truely blessed. Now ladies having seen my pieces on the oncology services you may not get that impression. But if my emails help to re instate the quality of after hours oncology on call well it is worth the effort. Well goodnight to all and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend

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  • Hi Suzuki, I was at the Galway Patient Day and I found the talk by Nutritionist Maev Creaven very interesting. I seldom ate chocolate but found when I was on chemo the only thing that got me through the day I was having chemo was the bar of chocolate I had at home in the fridge ,it was like an award I gave myself every week .Even now I have to have a couple of chocolate eclair sweets every day. When I asked her about this at question time you can guess what she said give it up its bad for me maybe after christmas. I am just going out to the fridge to get a few squares of fruit and nut chocolate well the fruit and nuts are good for me. YUM. Kittie

  • Hi Kittie, I bought a bag of choc eclairs yesterday in Supervalue because they were on offer and just ate the last one now. I am hoping I didnt loosen any of my fillings haha. I get days when a plain biscuit supervalue oaties will be enough but other days I just need to have sweet cake. Well if we didnt eat a little rubbish, we would be more constipated. I have yet to listen to Maeves talk. The doc was good but he would scare you with facts, I was wondering if the patient who juices comes on to this site, I would be interested to see what she uses. Todays Irish Mail said that losing half a stone after chemo and keeping it off means breast cancer patients have a better chance of survival. So I am going to leave all that until the New Year too. I was getting good at the walking but came down with a sinus bug about ten days ago and was afraid to go out in the cold wind. I think we are entitled to a treat and I agree, there is fruit and nuts in a bar of fruit and nut. One of my colleagues had high cholestrol and went to hospital for a check up, the dietician asked him name how much fruit he ate. So he said I have an apple lattice from Dunnes every day. He got slated I could tell you but he said well there is apple in it.

  • Suzuki & Kittie -- I so loved your comments on sweets & chocolate. I am firm believer in choc - is it made from a "bean" and they do say that beans & lentils are good for us all. Secondly, dark choc is also good for releasing the happy hormones in us. Thirdly, I love a good chocolate. Well, if that is not enough to eat choc, don't know what is - so while sipping a cup of lemon & ginger tea , I am going to raid my choc supply.

    So thank you for reminding me about choc ---yummie.


  • Hi Daisies, lovely to see you coming back to form and next week will be a better week for you. Well as Kittie says there is fruit in fruit and nut chocolate. The choc wouldnt be on the shelves unless we are meant to buy it. I went to the local shop today and resisted another bag of chocolate eclairs but have made up for it in other ways since. I must get my tree down, I got in my stove on Friday and the kitchen dining room needs to be dusted, as you can see, I am not in a hurry to do it. When the kitchen is clean, I will have to have some more chocolate to give me energy to bring down the tree and decorations. Well I will need it by then

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