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rainy day in Cork


Hi Ladies, its such a miserable day in Cork not much else to do except be on laptop. I am sorry I wasn't well enough to attend the last two coffee mornings in Dublin and Cork. I had a lot of pain and my mobility was restricted. However, things are looking up, I managed to walk to the bus yesterday to get to town to see my Dentist. I noticed my pain has actually lessened which is brilliant. There was a time I was thinking motor scooter. Imagine me going up and down the Hill to the Shopping Centres on this scooter, traffic is bad enough where I live at times so don't need to make it worse. So my plan is to return to my Oncologist in September having had a scan the week before. I am hopeful that all will be reasonably okay. I hope everyone is doing as well as can be, I wish all of you the very best and hope to make the next Patient event wherever it will be.

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Hi Joan

I missed you at the coffee mornings but I did understand why you could not be there. There was a really good attendance at the Dublin one recently . It’s good to know that your pain is reducing and you are getting around more. Hope I see you at the next one. As for my own saga I just put up my latest adventures yesterday . Take care



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Hi Molly O will have a look now, yes I couldn't get answers from the Consultant in Beacon as to when improvement but the radiotherapists were certainly more helpful the following week. I had that pain a while mind you before I went about it well lesson learned


Hi Suzuki, we've just booked next coffee morning in Cork for Sat 1st September so hopefully if you're feeling up to it we'll see you there. June.

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Hi June so sorry couldn't make it into town last day. Was after my second treatment and I was floored. I didn't even drive that weekend. The Monday went up and stayed for the week and that was much easier for me. I done the same for the last treatment and met another lovely lady from this site for a coffee after treatment. I crawled into my check up and now whoops the difference in a few weeks. I am so thrilled

Hi Joan, so so glad the pain is now more tolerable. Keep the Faith


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Thank you Naimish, hope Gauri is doing okay at the moment.

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