world ovarian cancer day cork style

Hi ladies, well here in Cork City we marked World Ovarian Cancer Day with a Seminar honest by Cork Cancer Research at University College Cork. We had our esteemed Oncologist, a Cancer Researcher and a Dietician speak to us on their various specialities. Following this, we had some refreshments and then we got a tour of the Cancer Research Laboratory where we meet some of the team of researchers. We were assured that they are present working on studies which hopefully will go to trial and be approved. Our host Eoin O Sullivan was very courteous to all of us present. Later on that night City Hall and University College were lit up in Teal to mark the day that was in it. To me the green traffic lights were more teal than green for the day as well.

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  • apologies that should read hosted.

  • Fabulous. The university visit would have been interesting. Ann x

  • Hi Ann it actually was, we were roasting in one room and cold in the others, we were able to see the cells on the computers as the progress of the research is of course all computerised. For OC they are trying o investigate the possibility of delivering the chemo through probiotics but this is at very early stages.

  • Sounds inspiring & hopeful Joan. Hope you are doing well. Did the Dietician have any nuggets of wisdom? Hugs Chickpea

  • Hi Chickpea5, the dietician would not commit to any foods or superfoods as she called them. There are no papers yet to clarify if any of the superfoods or the diets such as Ketogenic, Alkaline, Dairy Free have any role to play. In fact the attitude was if the body does not have ingested enough glucose, it will produce its own anyhow so cutting out sugar is not beneficial. Also she wasnt keen on sweeteners etc. So having a cuppa and a choc marshmallow just before I head to bed. Tumeric, brocolli or blueberries were not her favourites from what I could gather

  • Hi Suzuki, I am just looking at the posts now @ 5.30am. I had more trouble with the wound at my port site but that's another story . I am glad everything went of well in Cork ,the tour of the lab I would have loved to see. The dietitian seems liked my kind of woman no different diets etc. Take care. Kittie

  • Hi Kittie, to be honest she sounded similar to my oncs views on the subject. I dont know I am begining to think its a lottery when it comes back no matter what we might do,

  • I agree with you Suzuki,totally agree with you,I think on the night I got from the whole seminar was Hope.Also to know giving up certain foods will not cure you made my day.Eat a balanced diet with plenty fruit and veg.

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