CT Scan news & side effects of Avastin

Just to let you all know, CT Scan done today and looking good. No sign of any additional spread of tumours and I gather that the existing ones have not got larger. But in my case, the mind goes a bit blank when I hear good news so I hope I heard it all correctly. Will check in with my GP next week and talk to him also.The Avastin must be working, but the side effects are rough. Going on new painkillers - so fingers crossed that these will do the job and zap those headaches. Hope you are all well and coping.

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  • Hi daisies. Glad to hear you had some good news today. I'm on avastin as a single agent too. Heading in for treatment 8 next week. Finding the headaches hard going too. But if the avastin does what it says on the tin then it'll be worth it. Stay well and hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

  • Hi there.I am also on Avastin as a single agent for about a year and doing fine apart from muscle and joint aches. I do take a prescribed pain killer for this.I feel very lucky to be able to take Avastin and am happy that it seems to be doing its job.Continue to stay well. So glad I found this site.

  • Hi Daisies, I was answering this blog but I thnk my reply also got lost in space. I am delighted that your scan was good. I am having mine in September. Before would get result same day but now have to wait for a few days as there is a shortage or radiologists and reports are delayed. Not to worry, I know of someone on Avastin for another type of cancer and she also has headaches and her neck gets sore. They put her on steroids to counteract it and it works for a bit. I was looking at your profile, I think I have the same clear cell.oc. I am also in Cork. My last treatment was radiotheraphy because the area was confined and the thingy shrank. But at last apt was told to be prepared to have treatment in the next twelve months to make sure every thing is contained. My reply was, well I expect the worst while sitting down in that waiting room every 3 months. Its not easy is it.? I usually take a half day to be there on time and be relaxed but last time work was mad and I barely made it to the hospital and in full work uniform. Dont think that went down too well. I work when I can in between treatments and in fairness my employers have been good to me. I just do part time 3 days a week and it helps the mind.

  • Hi Daisies Its great to hear you got some good news, I think we are always prepared to hear bad news and when its good we think they have made a mistake. I hope the new painkillers you are now on will make things easier for you.

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