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Living well with cancer conference Aviva Stadium Dublin

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are all fighting hard and not giving up.

There will be Living Well with Cancer Conference organised by Irish Cancer Society at Aviva Stadium on 29th and 30th of September.

Its a very good conference with lots of lectures (oncologists, surgeons, psychologists, dietetitians etc) , stands and stalls showing cancer support organisations, cancer cosmetics, hats, beauty products etc (ill be there as well with my Hairless Beauty hats and turbans so please come over to say hello). Last year there were also really nice tea, coffee and snacks.

Its worth to visit by everyone who fought or fighting cancer and the families.

More details:


I hope I'll see you there

Hugs, Zaneta

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Thanks for sharing this Zaneta - I will definitely try to be there!



Hey Zaneta,

Great to hear from you and I hope you are feeling good! Not sure I will be able to make it that weekend as I am babysitting for my sister but best of luck! I am hoping to make the next coffee morning though??


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Hi Dee,

Yeap, next coffee morning you can count me in



Hi Zaneta, I had been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing? I have to go to Dublin the previous day Thursday to a meeting in NCCP. Its about genetics and testing for Ovarian Cancer patients in the future. Of course I didnt get myself tested yet, its been on my to do list. But I doubt if I can stay over for the conference. I like to keep busy but I also pace myself a little. I am just back from Krakow and dread the journey again to Dublin on Thurs but I feel I am trying to make things better for all patients and those not diagnosed yet. I think that it is good to carry on doing a little while I am stable in honour of those fighting this illness or who have gone to a better place. I found the Poish people very nice and visited the two camps, very sad very poignant. I did go armed with immodium and panadol but forgot ducolax so paying a little for it now. But that is only a little in in the bigger picture of things



I am sorry I haven't replied earlier, was a bit busy. Now I am sitting beside my boy who catches some virus, got high temp at night and now fall asleep next to me on sofa. Poor little angel.

I am glad you do all this things to help doctor work on the medicines and get better knowledge about stupid cancer. I am also signed up for anything that doctors need from me to learn more about cancer.

Kraków is beautiful and I am sure you liked it and enjoyed your stay. We have lots of nice cities in Poland to visit and fantastic food to taste. I hope you will come back to us 😉.

Maybe you will be able to stay in Dublin till Friday, I will be happy to see you and the conference is really worth to go. So hopefully I'll see you there 😁


Zaneta xx

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HI Zaneta, I am sorry your little boy is unwell, I hope he will feel better soon. Yes anything to help ourselves regarding the stupid cancer is a good thing. I had a check up in August and got a survey to complete a few weeks later and in fact it dealt with a lot of issues, as understanding what is said to us, how the doctor communicated with me and if I have access to some one to contact if I am worried. So I go to a small hospital here in Cork attached to the bigger one and I do get fairly good treatment, so my report should help that. I did point out that it was unfair the doctors and nurses worked on while the office staff went home. So this means that the doctors have to liase with the office staff next day to send out our next appointments. I really think that there is enough staff in the office to do a rota and stay late to make appointments rather than have the onus on the overworked medical staff, they will love me for ever more haha


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