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Pure O Identity Crisis

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Has anyone ever experienced a pure O identity crisis and has advice on how to deal with it?I keep questioning whether I’m being 100 percent my authentic self or what my true talents/likes/dislikes are,etc and it’s so hard to deal with.I thought writing and creating in general were my talents but now I’m not so sure.

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That's the thing about OCD, and 'pure O' in particular. It makes you question things until you feel like a hamster on a wheel, going round and round and not getting anywhere!

Think for a moment about what 'being your authentic self' means. The likelihood is that your authentic self is very complex, multifaceted and multilayered. Consider, for example, the selves someone could project in different situations. Going for a job in an office, you will most likely dress smartly and be businesslike. Going out with friends, relaxed, laughing and having fun. Slobbing at home in front of a favourite programme with a big bag of crisps. I'm not saying these are you, but they could be all facets of the same person.

It's perfectly possible to be interested in lots of different things, and be good at a range of things. There's no reason why you should restrict yourself.

I like poetry and cricket and politics and history; I enjoy needlework and writing; I make a good cheesecake (but I'm rubbish at most other types of cake) - these are all part of what goes to make up 'me'. There isn't a pure essence of 'me' - rather there's a ragbag of lots of often different things.

Being creative is part of our nature. That doesn't mean we can all be great artists; it just means that most of us like making things. It could be a novel, a poem, a piece of furniture, a garden. It could be lots of things.

Don't assume that if something you've tried to create don't come off the way you wanted. Try again. Practice certainly improves, if it doesn't make perfect! Or try learning another skill. It's by trial and error that we learn. And it's all part of you.

Thank you so much,this really helped!

I'm pleased!

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