Pure O

Does anyone have this where they do mental rituals?

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  • I have been recently told that there is no such thing as "pure O" because everyone performs compulsions in the form of ruminating and mental compulsions.

    Not sure how true this is?

  • I think your right because it's still rituals but in the mind

  • Yeah for me it's 24/7

  • The mental rituals?

  • Yeah as soon as I wake up in the morning the mental compulsions start, and it's usually all day long. It makes falling asleep hard for me too.

  • I certainly do! It's one of the reasons why OCD is still so badly understood. There are obvious rituals that people do, though most of us try hard to conceal them, but a lot of the ritual goes on inside our own heads. I get a bit fed up with people claiming to be 'a little bit OCD' when all they mean is that they are tidy.

  • I have it too and I hate it x

  • I thought I was the only one, or im just really about to lose it. I repeat 3"safe" words in my head ALL day in fact they are pretty automatic at this point. I see it's been a couple months is everyone still doing this or has anyone improved?