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Hi my name is maisie and I really just need to get some advice on getting rid of intrusive thoughts because mine are quite ridiculous and take over my mind so I was also hoping to see if I can share some of them so people can understand what I have to deal with at such a young age xx

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  • Hi Maisie56789, I'm not sure I can help because I've been going through the same thing. I'm not a long time sufferer, but there are lots here that are who have really good advice, and sometimes links to online sites that help. I come here for support and to read through the posts.

    Have you had any counseling? Or meds? Meds didn't work for me, but they do help lots of people.

    I will listen if you have more to write. Sometimes it helps to just get your feelings out.

    Hoping you feel better.

  • Thank you but I have really only realized what I have been going through is actually ocd and it is not normal and I haven’t told any of my family because they may not believe me or understand

  • I know it's hard to come clean about OCD to friends and family. But try to be open about it with them as it's hard work trying to conceal OCD-induced behaviour!

    I had OCD for many years before I even knew what it was. I had a particularly useless therapist who didn't even tell me that I had it. I found out from a book. At least once you know you can start doing something about it.

    Intrusive thoughts are ridiculous, but that doesn't mean you are ridiculous for having them. The first place to go, if you haven't already, is your GP, and get a referral to a mental health team who do CBT. Give medication a go, at least, as it can be very helpful, though it takes a few weeks before it starts to work.

    Self-help books can be useful, and if you give them to your friends and family to read, maybe they'll understand better what it is you are putting up with. How old are you, by the way? Some medication isn't suitable for teenagers, so make sure your age is taken into account and if you take it, report any problems immediately. And if you're at school or college, make sure they know about your having OCD, so they can make allowances if it affects your work.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to share your experiences here.

  • Thank you anyway I’m 15 but I get more intrusive thoughts like for example my brain was telling me one of my close family members was listening to the thoughts in my head so I couldn’t think about anything personal with is just not possible it’s just ridiculous things like that that really get to me but luckily that thought has gone away after about 3 weeks but my ocd is really spiking up a bit this past week. I’m afraid to take medication if I tried because I have a fear of the side effects because they may stop me from doing what I love I just don’t know who to go to because people may judge or not understand x

  • I agree, it is difficult to explain such things to a family member! But that doesn't mean that you can't admit to having OCD, it just means you don't have to tell them everything!

    At fifteen you are old enough to make an appointment with your GP for yourself. It's possible that medication isn't right for you but Sertraline can be prescribed for children and teenagers for OCD. It can have side effects, but these can be minimal and benefits can outweigh them. There is a lot of debate about medication, but it hasn't stopped me from doing things I love. It's the OCD that has stopped me too often!

    OCD does make you imagine things you know aren't true. It's like two parts of your brain are fighting with each other. But please don't feel you have to suffer in silence. There is help. At least get a book like Overcoming OCD which will give you a lot of information and ways of dealing with OCD, and help you to realize that you're not on your own with it.

  • Thank you really have made me feel that I’m not insane but I don’t have the confidence to tell people and I’m to scared to do things like make appointments and I am just afraid my family won’t understand cuz they know I am funny with germs but they don’t take that seriously but if I make it come across as really serious they may understand and try and help me get the help I need but I will never let ocd stop me from doing what I love because that would really upset me more x

  • That's the spirit! Don't let OCD stop you from doing what you enjoy! But OCD is an illness and your family may well be sympathetic. They possibly have already guessed if they have noticed what you are like with germs. Do make an appointment with your GP. The GP isn't going to laugh at you. It may take a while before you get referred to a therapist, but it's worth having therapy. And do invest in a self-help book.

  • Yep I will do I will try and get the courage to tell my step mum because I think she will understand because me and her watch this ocd tv program and that has helped me realize I really have a problem and I’m not going insane thank you for your advice I’m so glad I found this website x

  • Fab! And do come on here again if you want to share anything.

  • Yeah I definitely will thanks again

  • Hi Maisie

    Well done for being really brave and talking to us on this site. That is a great first step. My 8 year old daughter has suffered with OCD and is now having CBT. I have also used homeopathic medicine which I do feel helps her anxiety. So you might want to consider this first. But what Sally has said is absolutely true. Talk to your gp and even maybe if they have a school nurse or councilor at your school as I am sure you are not the only one in your school with OCD. Try and separate the ocd from you.. We have named my daughters ocd monster Fred! and every time he bothers her. We say.. that that pesky Fred again and tell him to bog off!.. You might want to try the same with your thoughts.. But get some help and support and do talk to your family. The more you can talk about it the more you will feel comforted that people do understand. Good luck and stay intouch.

  • I definitely will I just don’t know how to tell someone and make it come across as serious and what if they don’t believe me or tell me I’m being silly but it is getting better today although my current thoughts are still bothering me a bit but I will be okay hopefully because now I know it is ocd that is bothering me I can think to myself those thoughts are not true it’s just the ocd speaking ❤️

  • Hi maisie56789,

    I am suffering from intrusive thoughts to. I get very sick from them but i di get through it. What thoughts do you have?

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