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How or what was your Prozac experience guys!


I have obsessive compulsive disorder..and recently it’s got worse to the point it’s just awful and so I phoned up my GP and he’s put me on Prozac! I’m happy but what’s other people’s experience, alright? That’s why I’ve came on to this page! I’m to catch up with my doctor within 3 weeks but how long does it take to work?

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I've no experience of Prozac although I have been on a similar antidepressant called sertraline for some years.

These SSRI antidepressants do take a few weeks to work. Perhaps after four weeks you should notice your mood and symptoms lifting.

I think it would be good for your doctor to refer you for CBT, as medication, though it can be very effective, can only take you so far on your recovery. It is best used alongside CBT for full effects.

I've found sertraline very good at damping down the OCD symptoms. It also makes it easier to do the CBT. I haven't had much in the way of side effects.

I also take a low dose of an antipsychotic called aripiprazole. I'm not psychotic but in low doses it can boost the effects of the antidepressant. I've found it helpful.

Do post again and let us know how you get on with the Prozac.

I’ve been taking Prozac off and on for over 30 years and can say that I really think it makes a difference in my OCD symptoms. Unfortunately, as with most meds, it doesn’t “take” it away. It does make it easier to tolerate the constant nagging thoughts though. I notice a difference when I haven’t been taking the med as regularly. I also have not experienced any side effects even on a pretty high dose. I hope it helps you- give it time to get in your system.

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Hi LuvSun, Have you ever tried reducing your dosage? I have been taking 60 mg of Prozac for 20 years or so. I am trying to reduce the dosage from 60 to 40 mg with GP's advice. Did that for last 5 days. I have been having severe anxiety and panic attacks. Are they withdrawal symptoms? How much quantity do you take? The plan is to start cbt.

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I have been taking 80 mg Prozac a day for over 25+ years. I have to admit that there are lots of days I just don’t take it but am told that it is long acting in that it stays in your system for a while. It seems to really help because like I said if I go for too long without taking ( I guess once it clears my system) I do notice my symptoms seem to get worse. I don’t get severe anxiety or panic attacks like you so not sure if that is withdrawal symptoms or not. Best to just follow your Doctor’s advice. Also I know I should be taking it on a regular schedule so shame on me.

I can't take prozac because I am epileptic, it has a higher risk of seizures, so it would have interferred with my anti-epilepsy medication. But ALL the other SSRI's I have tried and tested them.

Aw that’s strange because I’m also epileptic, the past few days I’ve been fine but I can’t sleep! I also don’t have energy it’s so weird

Well they don't usually recommend it to people who are epileptic, nor Clomipramine either but the other SSRI's are better. What anti-epilepsy medication are you taking?

Keppra, I mean I still do everything normally, i feel a bit tired but I can still have the odd drink, I take no seizures, I honestly feel like I’m in control and fine you no?

I take Phenytoin Sodium formerly known as Epanutin 2 times a day,and Clonazepam at bedtime.

Well as lomg as it is not interferring with your Keppra then fine you know, but apparently interferes with my Phenytoin/Epanutin.

Also I suggest you ask your doctor if tje prozac is/might be interferring with your anti-epilepsy medication because this can cause the seizures to return. I pray for you that they don't though.

Aw thanks!!!..I asked before and the anxiety I had built up with my obsessive compulsive disorder was making my seizures just constantly trigger. I’ve been on this a few days now and it’s just chilled me😂...I mean whatever works right? I always just try and get on with it because I’m like...quite ill with a few things

Do you mind if I ask what are the other things that you are quite ill with and how long for?

I nelieve it's between 4 -6 weeks to kick on before you notice the difference and this applies to all SSRI's.

Aw man I have epilepsy, I have depression, anxiety, Obsessive compulsive disorder, I have IBS, I was dealing with anorexia but that’s sorted, I take like vitamins because I’m deficient in some, I had heart palpitations like a murmur a while back, maybe a few years ago now am like getting my stomach tested because it doesn’t work right it’s a whole big mess to be honest

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