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what is wrong with me?


i have to do things a certain number of times before i am satisfied with how i've done it. i have to do things in multiples of 3. so, for example, if the sound was on 10, and i wanted it on 12, i would have to go up 2, down 1, to make 3, but that would make it 11, so then i would have to go down 2 up 1 to make it 12. in every day i incorporate certain numbers, and if i dont i get anxious about it and i have to go back and redo it until it feels right

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For me it’s all about the feeling of being in control so the routine is a huge part of my life right now and I get so frustrated if I can’t do it ..... like I have to check the door is closed and locked three times ... have to open and close the fridge as the light may not have gone off so have to check

i don't really have any advice however i just wanna say that i'm going through the exact same thing :( i've had this for a couple years now and i'm just starting to develop intrusive thoughts and nightmares along with it

it really sucks

Well, I don’t really know what’s happening to you but I pass the same situation and more.... So if someone knows , please help us understand what’s going on

These sorts of counting rituals are very common in OCD. I've had them myself. In fact I can trace my OCD back to when I was 10 or 11 and developed a complicated counting ritual which I made myself do each day. It became so tiresome that I started chipping away at it, whittling it down and managed to get rid of it.

If possible get a diagnosis of OCD from a doctor or mental health professional. CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, is usually prescribed.

There are things you can start doing to whittle down these rituals and rules. Remember although anxiety can go up markedly if you don't do them, it does come down if you give it a while to do so.

There are some excellent self help books on OCD that can get you started on CBT. CBT is safe to do, but don't expect instant results and don't worry if you don't manage to get rid of the rituals in one go. Each attempt is an attack on the OCD.

SAME HERE!!! I no this sounds harsh but I literally found just not doing them works, stop and look think what your doing, breathe then walk away, I no that sounds so like...ugh but I had to and now I’m a bit better or reverse it, if I do this something will happen and it took me and month to get it to kinda work also CANDY CRUSH SAGA it says swipe the stress away and it literally does and your never run out of it.😂

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