Same thought keep running in my head

I keep having same thought in my head for one month now I always think of the death of my loves once or even those I don't know and I think am gonna die too I don't think of anything other than that, at first when it start I don't sleep my chest hurts but now I don't feel the pain just the thought and am scared about it. I need some help or advice pls.

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  • It's a problem with OCD. First step recognize its your thought OCD acknowledge it as that. Try some eft tapping look it up on YouTube. Get comfy recognizing you recognize the thoughts. Says things like you are ok you are safe at this very moment and do some grounding ( describe objects you see in room. Feel the crunch describe texture ) it's a way to distract the thought keep at it it takes time to learn.

  • Thanks a lot I will try all u mentioned I pray it works.

  • When the thoughts come tell yourself it's the ocd have some nice things written down and read that to try replace the thoughts. Don't try to force the thoughts out but just calmly say it's just the ocd and read through your list of positive and happy things xxx

  • Thanks @annieh

  • It's a hard one to deal with, I know, and distraction can be hard. Keeping busy can help, as OCD likes a gap where it can get in. The problem is of course, that it is hard to concentrate and that stops you doing things, and then OCD jumps in! There is a book I have found helpful called 'Women Who Think Too Much' by Dr Susan Nolen-Hoeksema. It is very good at helping you to recognize when you are overthinking and stop those negative thoughts.

  • OK thanks will try that.

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