Bad week!

I've had a really bad week this week guys, I've not been at work as I booked the time off to relax and I've done absolutely no relaxing at all. My anxiety is through the roof! My brain won't stop racing and I'm having disturbing thought after thought and it's driving me insane..

I've not wanted to leave the house all week, everytime I thought about going outside I'd start to panic and sweat and shake, I'm back at work tomorrow and I'm dreading it!!

I've been taking sertraline for nearly two weeks now and I feel so ill, when will they kick in? Is it supposed to be like this? My anxiety had gotten worse not better and I'm now obsessing about things I'd have never been bothered about.. I'm just so tired 😴

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  • It is difficult, I know - it's really difficult to do nothing because OCD makes work for people when they are idle and when they are feeling not up to much. It's a real problem - not being able to do things because of OCD, and OCD getting in where you are not doing anything, invading your mind, taking advantage of you not doing very much. The Sertraline perhaps needs a bit more of a trial, as it can take a few weeks to kick in, and if you haven't taken antidepressants before they can make you feel worse for a bit. If after a bit more of a go with them, they are not helping, then perhaps you need a different one. But I have found Sertraline extremely good, and without side effects. It must be hard to go back to work, so if your employers are sympathetic then perhaps they'd let you ease yourself back into the job, or even take a few more weeks off. But if you can manage to keep at least a little bit busy, at work or at home, then it could help. I know just how it can be, panicking and shaking and unable to do much at all. It does get better, please believe me.

  • Hi, thanks for the post :)

    I've managed to get to work this morning, had a full on panic attack whilst I waited for my colleague to pick me up so I'm definitely not ready to drive myself yet! But I'm here and I'm glad I came. Im still really anxious but I'm trying my best to push on and not allow my thoughts to get the better of me..

    Really hope these tablets bring some relief soon though, my nerves are shot!

  • Pleased for you, and hope you start getting back into it. Just to exert yourself as much as you can manage is a help. But don't overdo it! I have just read the instructions leaflet on my Sertraline and it confirms that it can make you feel worse before you feel better, but it usually gets better after two weeks, so persevere if you can! I remember the first time I took antidepressants many years ago. I felt awful for a few weeks then the cloud lifted.

  • Cloud describes it perfectly! The weather outside is as miserable as my mood..

    Can't wait to feel happy and laugh again! Feel like I haven't laughed for so long..

  • give the sertraline another couple of weeks I've been on lexipro and I'm now on sertraline i find them great although im on 150mg per day, i have my bad days still but 4 out of 7 days are good i think talking to someone that understands an reasures you is good also keep note of your urges and how you feel to look back on as i started doing that in 2008 at age of 12 and i do be so happy looking back on my book (journey fighting OCD) and i love to see how far I've came over the years brighter days are ahead wish you are better very soon :) if you need to talk message me its good to get reasurance xxx

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