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New thoughts

does anyone else gt intrusive thoughts that eventually go away but then get almost immediately replaced by other thoughts and it carries on in a cycle until you become so stressed and drained from all the thinking that you feel like you can't be yourself anymore? It might just be me, but I have come to realise that my thoughts do eventually go away (or they just become slightly less worrying) and then they get replaced in my head by another thought that is even more worrying and hateful than the one before it. This is so annoying and it makes me feel so annoyed and I keep thinking "will there ever be a time in my life when I won't be haunted by one of these hateful thoughts?"

Does anyone else get this?

-Jem x

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I can completely understand, my OCD is heavily weighted on intrusive thoughts. I had a course of CBT which has turned my life around, I'm not 100% better and don't ever expect to be but the exercises I learnt have really helped, I would really recommend CBT to help you, it can be agonising having these constant thoughts, I know I got to the point where I felt trapped in my own brain and so seeking help was exactly what I needed xxx


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