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Intrusive Thoughts

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Hi. I get very Intrusive Thoughts ever since I watched a very violent tv show and ever since then it has killed me mentally. I have thought I’ve been going crazy picturing the things I picture and having the dreams I do. They scare me and give me so much anxiety it’s ridiculous. I got diagnosed with anxiety, depression and insomnia my sophomore year of high school and I conquered that. It’s been 5 years with no issues and now this occurs. And finally I started getting relief a few weeks ago but then I read on a site that if I start to get any relief from my thoughts I’m going crazy. I’m not nor have I ever been a violent person it just scares me so much and makes me want to just hide in a room. I’ve read so many blogs for reassurance but it’s gotten to a point to where they aren’t helping and I don’t have a budget to go see a specialist or a doctor. I conquered the depression and anxiety and I know this is ridiculous I just get really scared

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I can relate to all your feelings but I promise you they are only thoughts and they worry you so much because you are not a violent person.

Do you live in US as you say you cannot afford a doctor?

Please don't suffer in silence as we are all here for you. ❤️

Yes I do. It’s awful. I do want to purchase a self help CBT and do it with my partner. I know I can conquer it I just like to know I’m not the only one. All I’ve known is anxiety, worry, and fear the last 3 months and I even stopped eating for a month and lost 15 lbs. it was trying to take over my life but I am not going to let it and I want to conquer it!!

It sounds as though you live in the United States from what you say, so I do understand that accessing medical care can be a problem. It also sounds as though you have a bit of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and perhaps your treatment should recognize that. Many people with OCD are also afraid of what they might do to other people, even though they are not in the least violent. Remember that people like that, like you, are the least likely to do anything like that! If treatment is too expensive for you then do get a good self-help book. Make sure it is written by a responsible professional. The Overcoming series is a good one that uses CBT techniques. I have found the Overcoming OCD one very helpful.

Thank you so much I never thought of PTSD but considering it didn’t show up until after I watched that show it was so traumatic it caused this. So that does make sense I will look into more books of overcoming ocd and ptsd

Also another question. Sons of anarchy was the show I watched and previously I have never been able to watch scary movies because I have a very photographic memory. Is this the reason why I am having the Intrusive Thoughts especially involving my fiancé who I have fallen in love with since I first saw him but the thoughts are starting to become a laughing matter. Like they’re so ridiculous why would I even think them but then I think about the show snapped where it’s about people who just snap and kill their spouse and I fear that will be me in the future. But I have no intention of doing any of these things they just pop up

It’s stopping me from doing the one goal I’ve wanted to do with my spouse and that’s get our own place.

Hi cruthp0304,

I know where you are coming from. I suffer from intrusive thoughts and i have been for iver a year now. I feel like they are taking over my life. The thoughts replay over and over again. I get very sick with anxiety and depression bc if it. It gets worse when i watch a horror movie or something bad on tv. You are not alone

I know exactly how you feel, you aren’t alone, I can’t even watch tv. Stay strong

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