I think i have ocd

Hi there, i think i have ocd as i have done a lot of reasearch on the internet, i always check the door is locked and wash my hands like someone with ocd would but thats not the problem, the problem is that i always think i am going to say or do something bad to someone to the point where i avoid contact with people as much as possible, even leaving the house is a struggle unless i have to, i convince myself i have done something bad but it never ends up being true. Has anyone else experienced this because its driving me insane, im 28 year old male by the way.

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  • Hello, it sounds like you do have obsessions and compulsions. So the obsession is the fearful thought that you might say or do something bad to someone and the compulsions avoiding social situations to try and prevent that from happening. The checking is OCD if you feel you 'have' to check things, if you don't want to be spending your time excessively checking but you feel compelled to by feeling something bad might happen or certain numbers feel 'good' or 'bad', until it just 'feels' right, or if you wernt to check so many times it would really bother you etc. That's the difference between just being thorough and it being an OCD compulsion.

    You've taken proactive steps by researching. The next would be to see a health care professional such as your doctor. If you worry about discussing this out loud as it can be scary then tell a trustworthy friend or family member who can go with you to talk on your behalf or write it down so the doctor can read it. Or you can read it out, I've had to do this before and even then I struggled so it's ok if you struggle to talk about it.

    The most effective treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy which your doctor can discuss with you. The main thing is don't suffer in silence with this. Things can become worse if it's left so it's important to seek help. This is treatable if you put in the work needed in therapy. You may find there's other things you do that are OCD to but you might not realise so worry if more things are found because that's what happened to me and now I've found that OCD had leaked into most of the things I do day to day. You also might find you have internal compulsions to repeating mantras to try and suppress the thoughts or praying or ruminating or even counting in your head and those are all compulsive behaviours to. Anything you do to try and stop, suppress or prevent the thoughts are compulsive behaviours.

    I've recently started a page on Facebook if you search The real housewife of OCD (I live in England, UK and am also 28)

    Where I share my story of OCD and recorded my story in a video and discuss avoidance if you think that would be helpful.

    I hope you get some answers and please reach out with any questions.

    All the best.

  • Hi sunshine OCD comes in different forms whether checking cleaning counting or the feeling your mouth can run away with you. I'm a counter and a cleaner of home jeysus it takes the biscuit some days. I'm wondering if you do have ocd or just a form of anxiety and some days we all want to be left alone or not speak to anyone. Even non ocd sufferers have ocd like symptoms ie check the door washing hands after dirty job that's normal. Ocd takes over our entire days from the second you get out of bed to getting back inn. Has anything stress full happen recently to make you anxious or change your daily living habits. Stress is a liar it can make the most littlest problem into a full blown mountain out of a molehill. You just need to learn to turn the bad thoughts feelings back into a molehill. Cmon xx your young you know the lingo I'm 50 lol mom of 4 boys. One your age that has anxiety n panicking attacks and after confiding with me he's learned how to tell his thoughts ect to jogg on is it ya say lol or DOO one lol I ain't listening ha ha. I started with this at 24. 26 years ago n Buoy have I suffered. I needed to respond to you because of my son and what I said to him. Please don't waste 26 years of your life listening to liars in your head like I have. That's all it is a liar I'm living proof and an expert on the mother fkr. 😆 I'm still here I've even told my liars to jogg on too or do one😉 n nothing bad happendn now I'm down to hardly any stupid repeating bull sxxt 😇 You have a full beautiful life waiting out there don't give inn to this crap. It's all it is sunshine my son did it so I am now lol so can you. Here anytime you need any reassurance that it's a joker laugh at the jokes xx trust me. Xx tc hun hope this helped wish I had someone to talk to 26 yrs ago maybe wouldn't have wasted so much of my life too. Big hugs sunshine xx 🙃☺👍👅mandy.x

  • Hi thanks for your reply, you put it in a good way because its true nothing bad has happened so its gotta be all in my head as you say playing a joke on me. I will try and keep telling myself its a joke and not true. What do i do if it doesn't go away tho x

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