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hi everyone i suffer from ocd and have done for about 30 years now, i have responded to to other people about there ocd but have not actually told you my story till now. i am 54 and been distressed , upset felt embarrassed you name it i have felt it with this ocd. i went for help 4 years ago and yes it took me that long, because of the shame and thinking that people would hate me for what i was thinking,i have the bad thought ocd which is horrible, and i have had therapy but not the therapy i should have, i should have had cognitive therapy but nope i did not, i wanted to end my life when i turned 50, and then i thought about how would my 2 sons feel how could i do this to them, then it was how can i cope but i took the help which was given to me, and yes i felt better but now this ocd is back with a vengence and im sufffering terrible to the point im going insane. every day is a struggle i cry every day, im stressed every minute of evey day and i want this to go away. this is no life it has ruined my life and i hate eveything about it . thats my story i could on and on but im to tired to even tell you all about my thought which terrify me. but thanks for reading this x

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susannahrosebud I am also suffering from OCD from last one year.

I Recommend you to visit a psychiatrist and get yourself prescribed with Lexapro, ( It Takes a few weeks to take effect, but it certainly helps

You can also use other WONDER drugs like,

1) Tramadol

2) Pregabalin

3) Specific Benzo, Clonazepam ( Only For Short term)

You along With Your Gp Can Experiment with the above mentioned 3 Drugs, because you will be surprised with its result, Especially​ Tramadol



I can see strength in what you are saying and the fact that you want to assist others,

I too suffer from horrible nasty thoughts and atm I am having a top up on my cbt I as struggle to not see the reality in my thoughts.

Now it's your turn to seek help from the ocd community,

We are all there if you want to discuss your thoughts and please remember that you are not your thoughts.

Take care



Hi. thanks very much for your reply. I will have to go back to the doctors again, but i need to get the right therapy also its a pain as i will have to wait about 3 months if not longer for help. I dont know if i could talk about the nasty thoughts i have but i appreciate that you would be willing to listen, but who knows i might eventually. Thanks once again .



I too have intrusive bad thought OCD. It's been terrible at times and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. 

I had suffered with depression from post natal, that was years ago but the anxiety that comes with all this is so isolating.

I didn't know until recently that there was a name for intrusive thought OCD, it only came about because I was desperate one day and called mind, and the chap I spoke to was so helpful, he told me what he thought I was suffering with and told me to get professional help and see my GP.

Some days are better than others, the winter time is definetely worse for some reason, but I keep going for my family.

I hope you're having better days now and coping.

Best wishes.



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