I think I have OCD

For quite a while I've been thinking that I have OCD but I haven't spoken to anyone about it yet. It doesn't really effect my lifestyle drastically but it does cause me to take more time doing things meaning sometimes I'm late for things. For example, whenever I go to school or whenever I'm doing homework, when I take my pencil case out, I have to specifically order my pen, backup pen, highlighter, pencil, sharpener, rubber and ruler according to their size. Sometimes people give me weird looks when I do this and think I'm stupid but I can't help myself and I just have to do it. If someone messes up the order I get agitated and angry but I try my best not to show it. Also, before I go to sleep I have to turn the the corridor light off, turn the bathroom light on, make sure the shower and taps are fully closed, make sure the toilet seat is lifted up,make sure the toilet paper is straight, make sure the window is closed and then turn my bedroom light off. It's really weird but I'm quite happy doing it. Another thing is, even when I'm texting I have to spell everything correctly, not shorten words and use punctuation correctly otherwise I hate it and get extremely annoyed. This is not really a bad thing but I just do it. Also, I have this obsession with labelling and keeping everything in the right place. On my bedroom table, everything is labelled including my phone even though I know it's my phone, the layout is very specific and if anything gets out of place I will get frustrated. If my phone is not on 100%, I cannot go to sleep and that causes me to stay awake for a long time sometimes. These are all small things but I'm sort of worried that it'll become bigger and lots of people think I'm weird because I do these things. I don't think my parents have noticed and they don't really say anything but sometimes they get angry when I get frustrated over on what seems like small things to them. I sort of want help with this but I'm not sure my parents will understand and I don't really know what to do because I'm only 13 and can't do much about it. I'm quite worried that this will effect my life a lot and I'm sort of embarrassed.

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  • Morning, I think you should be very brave and just show your mum or dad this letter you have written in, they'll be shocked maybe even a little scared they may shout. But when they have let your letter and is contents sink in they week get you the help you need now. And you do need help now before this gets too big and is much harder to correct. Be brave, you'll be fine. With all my best wishes xx

  • Thank you. I appreciate your advice :-) I think I will tell them.

  • Please have a chat with parents or if not school nurse who would definitely be able to help you book appointment at drs. You should be feeling free and enjoying life like the others than having the stress of worrying about things being in order and labelled. I spent my whole teenage life ruined by ocd. I don't want you in same position. Get help whilst u can. it will do you good. Trust me! Then you can focus on living life to the best good luck

  • Thanks for your advice. I've tried talking to my parents but they just laughed and said I was being fussy and stupid :-( I'm thinking of talking to the school therapist, but I'm just a bit nervous. Thanks for helping :-)

  • Hello. I am so sorry you are unable to talk to your parents at this moment in time, don't take it personal and try focus on yourself for now. From what you have described it sounds like you do have OCD and it is definitely not something to feel ashamed about. It is much more common than you would think! I think it is important you talk this through with someone ie. School therapist or doctor etc. You can also get some really helpful books on ocd and how best to manage or help it. If you are able to order some or get them from your library I would reccommend to read up as much as possible about the subject to help better understand why you feel this way. You are not alone and please do not feel scared or ashamed, many people have this including many kids and teenagers and it can get better! You are already brave for asking for advice on here. Take care x

  • Thanks so much :-) I really appreciate your advice. I'll try reading up on it as much as I can. I think I'm going to talk to my school therapist when I go back to school. I'm glad I'm not going through it alone. Thanks :-)

  • No problem! Take care x

  • Please talk to gran or grandad or uncle or cousin or friends parent about it. It's not something to just over look!

  • I will. Thanks :-)

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