Hi can someone help me my mom has severe ocd and has worsened over the years where she wont even open doors or turn switches on/off and has to be done by my dad. she also suffers with depression long term and is anaemic always dizzy. my dad cares for her but they are on joint ESA of £103 a week they cant afford to live off this and I've had to help out with bills and this is making my moms depression condition worse as she feels guilty. what can I do for the g.p to put her on pip?

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  • Hello Sonia.I am sorry to hear of your mums illness.I can understand how worrying and stressful it must be for all of you..I know getting pip due to the cuts and eligibility criteria isn't easy, but it is obtainable. Get the pip form and find an advocate in your local area.This could be at a disability charity or citizen advice bureau.An advocate will help and support your mum with filling out the form, and they will also be able to help your parents apply for any other benefits they may be entitled to. If it is requested, they can even go with your mum to the face to face assessment. On the form,your mum needs to explain how the health condition affects her daily living,how severe and disabling it is..Your mums GP will be able to write a letter explaining your mums condition and this will support your mums pip claim, but there is about a £20 charge for this. Also, any other medical professionals your mum sees, or has seen, will also support the claim and you can ask them to write a letter if they are willing. letters that have been sent by any doctors/consultants which state your mums physical/mental health are all useful to confirm your mums illness..Definitely get your mums GP on board by making sure they are aware of the deterioration in her health.This way, they can offer her appropriate treatment and they will also have upto date knowledge which will help them assist with the claim for benefits..Your dad may be able to claim a carers allowance and the advocate would also help with this if he wanted, or he can look on the carers website for assistance in the meantime..


    You will also find support at





    I wish you and your mum and dad all the very best. X

  • thanks for your help I tried claiming for pip for my mom this time last year and they came to the house for a face to face assessment and asked my mom and myself questions and sent a reply by post that she wasn't entitled to it. last year the doctor referred my mom to healthy minds when I mentioned she had ocd then a psychiatrist came out every 2 weeks and made 6 visits. she had a injury to her shoulder many years ago which put her into depression as she couldn't do nothing and since then has been diagnosed with depression. shes house bound and doesn't go out because of her ocd. maybe if I go citizens advise bureau they can help me help my mom to get the pip as my dad does care for her and gets nothing they are on a joint esa.

  • I really feel for you all. As if there isn't enough you all have to deal with. But don't give up on getting some financial assistance. Many people are turned down first time but find they are successful when they appeal. Definitely go to the citizens advice, or find a charity advocate. There should be one in your local town/ city.They will help you with an appeal. It isn't difficult, just more form filling but the advocate will help with it. My disabled friend was in this position, but an appeal gave the correct result. Try not to worry. Unfortunately this appears to be how the system works. Best wishes xx

    ps.. Don't forget to take care of yourself too.x

  • Yes going to call for a pip form then will take the form to a citizens advise bureau wish me luck I can help my mom get on the right track. thanks for your help x

  • I have OCD and it can be very debilitating. I see a therapist that specializes in OCD. I also go to support group once a month. I take meds and am currently working on ERP. Exposure Ritual Prevention. I am in the early stages of the ERP but those how have done it have had tremendous results. Also posting here and communicating about depression and anxiety which are part of OCD has been a big help. I hope your more can join a group and get the help she needs. There is hope and one can get better but it is difficult and uncomfortable and takes hard work. So she will need support. Best wishes and keep us posted.

  • When we did have the face to face assessment for pip it felt like they didn't take my mom having OCD serious. she doesn't even have a mobile phone as her last phone got damaged as she would clean it with wet wipes as she felt it was really dirty. her hands are so dry as she spends a lot of time in the bathroom cleaning herself. Did your therapist make home visits?

  • Well it sounds like we have a bit of different circumstances. I am not sure what pip is. I am in the US. We just had to pay out of pocket for a while but know my insurance does cover the therapy however him being a specialist in OCD is really unique and a bless on my part. But treating the OCD I feel like is very similar to dealing with anxiety treatment. It sounds like your mother's OCD revolves around contamination/germs. Also is this something you observe or does your mother accept the fact that she may have a problem?

  • yeh its always nice to hear there is help and support out there. My mom doesn't accept she has ocd and when we all started to see the signs of ocd back 7 years ago we told her and it all just got too heated causing arguments and with my moms depression we accepted it and just tried to keep everything clean how she wants it. its become so hard especially for my dad in our household where if she sees a fly she will kick off and we wont hear the end of it.

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