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Hoarding disorder

Hi, my mother is 55 and has severe depression& hoarding disorder but is unable to see that she has it, she refuses constantly to seek help from anyone as she claims she is "fine" but her behaviour and actions are affected her relationships and other members within the house lifestyles, I was wondering if anyone could help me in ways which to get her to go and see a gp in order for her to become better as she will not go, thank you x

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Hi I am 62 mother of 4 mamar of 9.... I too am a hoarder... please ask your mum to get in touch with me or if you give me your mums details I will contact her kindest regards Sonia Lunn xx

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Hi thanks for the reply, but she will not listen to anyone and she doesn't believe she has a problem I've suggested many contact details to her, have you overcome your disorder or have you done anything that helped you improve that I can prehaps try with her? Thank u x


Hi my daughter has Asperger's syndrome & severe OCD with hoarding disorder. She is 26 & is crippled with the OCD. She hoards a lot of rubbish in her bedroom & if we clear it she gets physically aggressive. She has been on medications for 10 years but has not helped her. She spends all day in bed & up all night. I have tried hypnotherapy, hypnosis, counselling & currently she is having homeopathic treatment. Please advise on any alternative treatment.


Hi, I feel I needed to reply as the thread seemed to grind to a halt. My mum is 64 and is the same. My sister and I got her to the doctors once and the doctor sounded like they were going to be on it and really help, but no. 10 sessions of counselling via the phone and that was it. Left to her own devices again. She's also a bit of a hypochondriac and is on all sorts of medication for things she doesn't even know what for or why anymore. There just doesn't seem to be a consistent level of care that will ever help, because it's such a long term thing. It's probably about 30-40 years worth of depression as well as hypochondria and then the hoarding to deal with and I don't feel the healthcare system has the time to deal with it.

Have you made any progress in the last 6 months?


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