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Obsessed with one person

Hi All,

My problem is that I am obsessed with talking to a specific person for like past 6 years. There have been breaks in between but now it has gotten really worse. I mean if he/she does not reply , I get panicked and lose interest in every thing. I get so overwhelmed while talking to him or her that I give irrational awkward responses to normal situations. Some times i get so nervous that I don't know how to react in response. I am not sure if it is OCD or GAD or both. Even I am afraid of talking to GP about this, what would I tell my GP what am I facing?

Is there any one else that have been through the same? If yes, how did you cope it through? The good part is that now I have started to recognise that this is a problem and trying to have less contact with specific person as possible. But the thoughts, I would say, cravings of contacting him/her make me go crazy and I end giving up! This is really affecting the balance of my life .

One solution I tried is talking to other people. May be because I am an introvert by nature, it didn't help. Even talking to others, I get obsessed with thoughts of talking to him/her only. That's destructive...I know and want to overcome it.

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Just to say I too get obsessed with people, even someone I hardly know. I don't know how to deal with it either.


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