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Hello everyone this is my first post! I just want some help and advice if possible? I think I may have OCD... it all started around the age of 15-16 when I was most anxious due to sitting my GCSE's it then wasn't so bad until May last year when I had a miscarriage since then it's been unbearable! I have a few things that sets what I think could be OCD off.. one of them being when my fiancé is working on a late I am the only one home I have to check EVERY door at least 5 times to check it's locked 😞 This includes the garage doors! I also have to recheck the fridge door and the oven and hobs have been turned off as if I don't preform these rituals the house will burn down or someone will break into my house! Another thing is my hair dryer/straighters i have once tried to beat these horrid thoughts about my house burning down but this only made me more anxious and I had to re drive home and check! I have to leave my car in first gear as well as my hand break as I'm worried it will roll into the road.. I cannot sit down without horrid thoughts entering my mind.. if I can see something like a dirty item of laundry that I've dropped on the way to the washing machine I have to put this in the same wash even if it's already half way through as if I don't I get a horrid thought tell me my fiancé will crash his car or something.. I have to hoover my carpet in the same direction so I get perfect lines as if I don't I get a thought to say my dog will die.. I don't know why I get them I don't know what to do to make it better 😞 I want to go to the doctors but I'm worried that they'll section me or it will affect my job or future jobs or careers?

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  • Hi . It sounds like OCD and you cannot control your thoughts . So it's not your fault . Anything could have started it off .please go to the doctors they won't section . You will eventually get therapy help is there . Don't leave it like I did . I waited 25 yrs before I got help because I thought they would lock me up . It's not like that . Be strong make the first move ring the doctor . Let me know how you get on x

  • Thank you! That what I worry about that they'll think I'm crazy! I will book an appointment! X

  • You are not crazy

  • Most definitely ocd. See your go for a referral for CBT.

  • Hello, first off you are not alone and second I'm so sorry for your loss and how much you are suffering. You are not alone, I really mean that, there are millions of people with the exact same thoughts and fears as you. It does sound like OCD. Reaching out to your doctor and getting a referral for cognitive behaviour therapy is the first step. To help you feel more secure about the doctors visit it might be good to read my blog... When I first sought help I had to tell the doctor that I had a thought of strangling my best broke my heart but I knew I had to get help because the compulsions were starting to ruin my life, I avoided friends, knives, pens anything that could cause harm I was petrified of and I was having regular panic attacks then the thoughts turned to my own children and then became sexual in nature and I thought if I tell my counsellor this I will lose my children and the first thing she said to me when I sobbed that I was scared I could become a predictor she said she'd leave her own children with me with no concern because this is nothing to do with me as a person and I cried, I couldn't even be around my own children or hold them, I couldn't hold my newborn because I was so scared of my thoughts. Please know this is OCD NOT you. OCD is a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes messages to misfire and because of the imbalance instead of letting these thoughts just be and pass we attach meaning to them like 'why did I think that? That must mean there's a threat? Where did that come from that's awful?' Something awful will happen etc' Then we begin compulsions to try and get the thoughts to stop like ruminating, trying to think of something good, counting, checking, avoiding triggers etc but this actually feeds the thoughts and fears. On Facebook I have a page if you search The real housewife of OCD and also there is a community I am part of if you search Friends with OCD. These may help as they are places of support and compassion and understanding. You can ask questions and look at useful information, videos and my blog if you want to. All the best X

    The real housewife of OCD | Raising awareness and removing the stigma


  • Oh bless you x Go to your doctor. You will be referred for some talking therapy. You will never be sectioned. Put that thought out of your head because it's not true. Let me know how you get on

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