My daughter has be suffering with OCD for 3 years now and at first she was unable to get to school on time because of her hand-washing obsession, she then began taking time off school. She hasn't been in school now for 6 months and is finding it really hard to go back. An number of reasons are stopping her. She is scared of the number of questions people will ask, or if someone notices her ticks and comments. She is also concerned that people will touch her things and move them to places she doesn't want them to be and if they do will this cause her to have a anxiety attack. I just don't know what to do. Does anybody else have the same problem or know what other options we have regarding her schooling? :(

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Hi I am danielle I'm 21 years old, and I can relate to this from when I was in school. The nervousness and sickness of the thoughts of school never mind going, the thought does have you feeling so down and sad sometimes you wish you weren't here because of what your going through life isn't worth it. Then it leaded to me having no childhood thinking the air is dirty an only going outside for school otherwise I wouldn't be outside. It is heartbreaking knowing there's nothing you can do for them. I went to child and adultsent mental health centre I was one of the quickest to improve, as I was fed up an asked for help. I then started going outside at 15 and living my childhood I really hope this helps and that your daughter has a happier and brighter future with maintaining OCD like me it's here to stay we learn to live with it x

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