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Has anyone's ocd made them not feel like themselves?


I have ocd and it's driving me nuts! I'm scared of almost everything. I have intrusive thoughts that won't go away and it's distressing me.

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I think it is a good idea to seek a good therapist of behavioural techniques.

When this is happening it is good to het an understanding of how to stop taking notice of the anxious thoughts.

This is done by learning to recognise why you are anxious and where it first started.

Also doing too much because you care can put stress on you so learn to say no.

And then there is diet some foods can make a person anxious so looking to see if that is the problem and just improving diet and nutrients possibly multi vits and minerals.

It will improve but needs bravery and fight to get rid of the stuff we dont need for self preservation.

AnxiousGal in reply to ratsone

Thank you

Hi there,

when my Ocd goes through a very low point, i often feel disorientated in usually familiar places. Medication really helped me with this. Are you under a specialist ? You can do a mixture of medication with therapies. But for now, find someone you really trust and talk to them, they will help you to understand how your thoughts are not really based on reality. You can and will get better, there are loads of people who can identify with you. :)

AnxiousGal in reply to trusty

There's no one I can trust. I can't tell anyone anything. I keep it to myself. I use to be on meds but I've been off them for about 5 months. I had to leave my therapist bc I don't have any insurance now. I'm on a waiting list so I can't see a therapist or take meds until my insurance comes in. So I'm stuck.

Barcar1 in reply to trusty

I have had OCD for so many years I don't think anyone can help as they don't understand they seem to think I am insane.

do you want to instant chat, are you on face book/ i could talk with you or we could do it through this web page?

AnxiousGal in reply to trusty

I can do it through here

Barcar1 in reply to trusty

I am not very good on face book, but my daughter is going to put me on it to-night hopefully

hi, sorry been out.. you there...

AnxiousGal in reply to trusty

Yeah I'm here just filled with so much anxiety.

Ye basically try having a OCD where everything has to be perfect and if it isn't you go mental, same problem, the down side is I'm at school. If I struggle with something or the work isn't right then I go mental and the teachers have a go at me for screwing it up. But it isn't perfect, nothing is really, I have now started to judge myself.

I'm too fat, my bum is too big, my thighs are too fat. I know what u mean and it's driving me mad aswell. I am fight with aiming to make one mistake and it's helping

AnxiousGal in reply to Zoe2345

Have u ever see signs anywhere? Like if you are obsessing over ur health and that certain disease is everywhere. Like on tv, commercials, shows, movies, posters, people talking about it when you walk by. Things like that. It's telling you that u really do have this disease and the universe is giving u signs saying u have that disease. Have u experienced that before?

Zoe2345 in reply to AnxiousGal

Nahh fraid not, my OCD is a perfection thing, like everything has a place, and time is a big one, if like my mum is late to pick me up I start walking and don't talk to her for the rest of the day, or I saw I'm off into town and mum ses she will drop me off and I end up walking down, I don't believe in destiny, it's just how we end up living

Yes. I'm terrified of vomit so, to me it seems to be everywhere. I know it's just because I'm scared of it that I notice it more. People who are scared of spiders notice them more than people who aren't. I don't believe it's the universe telling me I'm going to be sick though as I don't believe in 'signs' or destiny.

Hey relax urself. These thoughts are very anxiety giving and distressing at first but that is because these thoughts are foreign uncanny and you don't like thinking these thoughts and you never will. But say to urself that these are just thoughts, OCD is driving me nuts, these thoughts are foreign and are just there in the background. No matter what context of thoughts you have don't react to them fear or anxiousness otherwise they will keep on coming back stronger. I am also suffering through the same thing and yes at first when you say these things they will feel like ur lying but you have to believe yourself and accept uncertainty. Warning after this anxious phase ebbs away a more weirder real phase (not real but will feel real phase) will come to you where you are less anxious about these thoughts and they don't distress you as much but trust me don't let the idea of not being anxious make you anxious. That is just a back door spike which is very natural in OCD. I can't give much advice as I am going through the same phase and I really don't like the idea of accepting thoughts but I say to myself if I want to return back to normal then yes I will accept the thoughts. But soon I promise you will get through this and look back at this very moment and think what utter nonsense your brain was making you believe. I hope you beat that OCD bully don't let it make u suffer in pain otherwise you are only letting it win and gain power. If this continues go see a therapist.

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