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fear of not being able to feel something, fear comes true


I got scared that I would stop being able to feel compassion, and this resulted in me not being able to feel it sometimes (which was stressful to me and sometimes still is). Trying to feel it doesn't work. Also I had a fear that I would stop liking music, and that resulted in me not liking it anymore. Trying to like it didn't work. This has also happened with thinking people are attractive. It has come and gone away before, and it went away because when I saw someone, I didn't worry about not being able to think they were attractive, and I didn't try to make myself think they were attractive. But this time, it has come and has not gone away. Have you experienced this or something similar? And do you have any advice? Thank you

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I have experienced something similar but related to a different thing, not OCD.

My advice is that you shouldnt add this type of worry to your existing OCD pathology.

Try to relax over the thoughts that come to your mind and let them be for a while without asking yourself too many questions. The system should self-adjust gradually in response to new stimuli and you will 'recover' from these situations.

By all means, talk it over with a psychologist if you want to. May help discussing these things in person with a qualified therapist.

But try not to make them into real worries, thats the bottom line. Let them go, they should wash down the river.

Hope this helps somewhat.

cheers, be well


I'm scared of how long it might take for it to get better, but I guess I need to just not worry about it and wait


You got it in one. Its the same technique for OCD, just let the worrying thoughts be - this is not the time to get more worried. Things will get better, they always do, even if it takes time. I live in Italy and the situation here is getting extreme, but people cooperate. Was in a pharmacy today, felt a bit odd, wanted to stay 6 feet away from the next customer. Worries persisted, but came back home, got into the garage and carried on working on a wooden lathe I am making. Fresh air and work did the trick.

May this is of some help to you.

Stay good.


I'm afraid this is OCD up to its usual tricks. It attacks us just where things matter to us. Feeling compassion, liking music, finding other people attractive are all things that matter to you. So OCD has picked up on these and is trying to take them away from you.

Try just to let your feeling unfold naturally. Don't force them or try too hard to feel or enjoy things. Gradually the feelings of compassion and enjoyment should come back to you.

Keep busy and don't ruminate!

Ok thank you

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