How open are you all about your OCD with friends and family?

I'm curious about this because I've always been ashamed and secretive about OCD despite telling friends that they shouldn't be embarrassed about their mental health conditions. Does it help if people know what you're going through? In some ways I think it's good that nobody knows, as it means I don't drag them into my OCD - rituals, reassurance etc. Having said that, sometimes I would love to be able to talk to people. My boyfriend is the only one who knows but we don't discuss it - I'm too embarrassed!

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  • It doesn't always help. Ive had many 'friends' who throw it back in your face. After or during arguments tell you your 'messed up' My family are very understanding as we have many mental health problems in the family. Be very careful with who you tell. Few people understand it.

  • Thanks for your reply. I reckon it's best to tell only very few people and only when you're sure they can be trusted. When my ocd started, when I was 11, my family alternated between making fun of me and telling me to stop being 'silly'. As you can imagine this wasn't exactly helpful! You're lucky that your family understand.

  • Yes it can be very difficult. Sometimes a little lighthearted joke towards it takes the pain of it away. Keep strong

  • Well I have suffered with OCD for more years than I care to remember, I am male 75 years of age and have never discussed my problem with any other person excepting the medics. Although my problems seem to be mainly intrusive thoughts and not the hygienic side of things, which possibly allows me to get away with it, and as you have mentioned I would feel embarrassed to be discussing the thoughts in my mind with family or friends.

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