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My First Blog written by Tricia age 57

Hi All you bloggers,

Why is it called Blog?

I wondered what to write about and then decided after giving myself my Humira jab; I'm going to write about that.


March 2009 diagnosed with Viral RA

6 months later when I did not get better with steroids and MTX tablets they did X rays of my hands and feet and sent me for radio active x rays they then decided the diagnosis was Sero Negative RA

that was 2 years ago.

So I was prescribed MTX injections so you got the full dose as in tablet form you only receive 80% of the medication. MTX tablets made nauseas and hangdog tired. I was also given Sulphasalazine they gave me yellow pee but not a dicky did it help RA.

So HUMIRA I mananged to get it as the hospital were taking part in a trial; I agreed to come to the hospital regulary for blood tests and fill in questionares. Tone started a Blog on this forum.

Health Care at Home deliver the injections or Pens you have a nurse come to show you how to use the epipens and make sure you don't have a toxic shock episode. Scary!!

So I took my Humira now H on a Thursday evening and MTX inj on Sat night

This was great I told my Rheumy consultant he'd saved my life, but about 10 months into using H I started to feel that on the tuesday I was starting to hurt and ache you all know what I mean, I couldn't wait until Thursday to come in fact a couple of times I did the injection the day before.Then you have to wait longer the next week a vey painful cycle.

Then came October and I was feeling really bad GP put me on 30mg Pred

OK after 5 days start to come down a tablet a day in 1 mg's. OK aches easing Fatigue not too bad , then the steroids finished oh oh here we go again went to see Rheumy he put me on H weekly and with the 15mg MTX 5mg Pred plus numerious pills to combat side effects of the side effects.

So things started to go downhill again in February this year.

Now, I'm on the sick because even the H weekly is not keeping the RA down. The Rheumy's answer was to give me a shot of Steroids. My GP has laid me off for a month the company I work for only pay 10 days full sick pay then SSP. I'm not so bad off we do have some money but if the situation was I had to work to live I'm not sure what I would do.

However Bloggers there is a catch in this as a nodule has formed on my elbow, it has trapped a nerve so I have a numb hand, I'm going to have it operated on the end of March so I must come off the Humira 2 weeks before then start it back 2 weeks after as long as the wound is healing well.

So, how scared am I?.I know I'm getting a bit of relief with H but to stop it.


I'm scared.It's like going cold turkey but thats another Blog.

Thank you


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Hi Tricia

I can't imagine being without some pain relief or drug or another. surely there will be something you will be able to take. I hope it all goes well for you.

Take care x


Hi Tricia,

Try not too worry too much! It is only the Humira that stops (and possibly MTX as it can impair wound healing - you need to check this! Don't arrive at the hospital and find they won't operate because you have continued MTX! All surgeons have their own thoughts on this and often differ even within the same hospital!!), you can still keep up the pain relief. The Humira and MTX will have built up in your system and will hopefully carry you through the four week period.

Be positive ... you will come through this and be much better for it. Look on the bright side you will be in safe hands :) and you will get your hand back! I am sure it will go well for you.

Lyn x


Good luck with your Op it will be worth it I think you can stop Humira & Meth for short while, without too much harm.


Hi Tricia

I am on MTX 20mg weekly I recently had to stop for two weeks prior to carpel tunnel surgery and two weeks after and though I got more achey I didn't go into flare up. It was definitely worth it, to get my numb hand back and releif from the pain it caused up my arm and more importantly meant I could drive fingers crossed for you Sue x



thank you for all your supportive comments, I go for a pre-op assesment on Tuesday, so hope the bloods are OK and the surgeon is good looking.

Well can I hope can't I.

Best wishes



Hi Tricia hope all goes well for you with your assessment and op. I havent been on line for a few days as my desktop pc has gone to sleep. Using my daughters laptop today so catching up with things.


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