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Humira has anyone tried this


Hi I'm a newbie. I have RA. I'm on salfasalazine which just makes my heart thump out of my chest also makes me feel like liver is twice the size. I was fury put on MTX which gave me really bad brain fog. Am about to start humira. Has anyone tried this also do you still have to take salfasalazine. Cheers

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Hi i started humira nearly 2 weeks ago second injection next week. What a difference swelling and gluid id hoing i havr much more energy and feel 80%better than i did. Thr only dowmside i fekt a.bit nauseous but felt like that when started leflunamide. I am still.taking that and sulphsalazibe was.told to keep takjng thoses but to me humura is great. Do hope it works 4 u all.the best Linda xxxx

Zeet123 in reply to linda-5502

Thanks so much humira sounds good. I hate the sulfasalazine it makes my heart beat really hard and hard to breath. But if humira makes me feel better I'll try anything cheers

Ouchyjenna in reply to Zeet123

I reacted to sulfasalazine jus like that. My GP said it was an allergic reaction. I thought I was havin an heartattack.

Are you serious? Probably everyone here has been on Humira or a similar biological. They are usually hugely effective but leave you extremely susceptible to certain infections. Avoid unpasteurised eggs , chees or milk prodicts, avoid flu and colds, like the plague. So yep, avoid the plague as well! There are certain vaccines that you must not receive [= live vaccines] but these risks are easily worth the huge relief of successful control of RA. Jus be careful, even paraboid, re. foods and in crowded areas. I carry one of those tubes of antiseptic gel for hands. Are you aware that colds and flu etc are usually picked up by contact, and not through the air. That is, door handles, shared keyboards, teacups etc are the risks. everywhere

Hope that helps.

Matilda7 in reply to hawker955

I'm on Humira and haven't had any unusual problems with infections. I avoid people with obvious colds but don't otherwise take special precautions. But I do eat a very healthy diet, take regular exercise and keep as fit as possible!

Zeet123 in reply to hawker955

Thanks hawker it's so hard to know what to do. I am really frightened by all these side effects. I stopped sulfasalazine didn't take any last night or this morning and heart seems a lot calmer.

I am on Humira after failing due to Allergic reactions to MTX. Sulfasalazine and Leflunomide. I am now reducing prednisolone steroid trying to get off it. It will take another 8 months so hoping Humira will be enough. If you get a virus though you have to stop Humira as it suppresses your immune system therefore you cannot fight infection.

So far HIraq has been fantastic forange me.

Sorry, should say

-- Humira has been fantastic for me.

I had SERIOUS reaction! A RASH that should be considered biologic warfare! HORRIBLE !!!! Couldn't wear clothes, sleep NOTHING Miserable is a HUGE underestimate! Lasted for more than two months. Affected my breathing to the point I'm on oxygen 24/7. It has totally RUINED MY LIFE. Russian roulette. Please READ side affects, I trusted my doc and I'M PAYING for it.

Zeet123 in reply to 1oak

1oak sorry to hear that I don't know what to do.

I took Humera first injection two days ago; I had mild side effects comparatively to Methrotexate; I hope it works better with the methotrexate

I was on Humira, along with MTX, for 3 months and had no side effects. In fact, it did absolutely nothing to lower my inflammation. I was switched to another biologic. Hopefully Humira will work for you.

Beware....... it helped me for 10 years and now I have lupus like syndrome from humira!! Please do your research, I wish I had!

AbbeyRoad in reply to cillfred

I'm so sorry that you are having lupus like symptoms. Do you think they'll subside without Humira?

cillfred in reply to AbbeyRoad

My last humira shot was march of 2017. I have been told by my dr that it takes 120 days for humira to be completely out of your system. I am at that mark now. I have stayed out of the sun which I was told was very important by my dermatologist. The symptoms are not as bad but now that I know what to avoid I am not sure if symptoms are better because I am educated or if the humira is out of my system. I also experienced hair thinning along with skin rash and extreme joint inflammation which was different from my RA inflammation. I now have to try enbrel for insurance purposes and I am terrified (side effects are lupus like syndrome)

Zeet123 in reply to cillfred

Hi cillfred it's a real worry I don't know what to do. I have been reading medical cannabis is working for RA I wonder what it would do I hope you get relief soon let me know how it's going I'll do same. Good luck.

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