Another picture

Another picture

This is my front porch all decorated, it took me about 3 weeks to finish the job. (I was hoping for warm weather).

The icicle lights started out as blue, but then it rained & most of the blue washed off. I still have a couple of blue lights at the ends of the icicles. My neighbor asked me where I got the bi-color lights, and I just laughed & told her what happened. She thinks they look cool.

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  • Looks very pretty and festive. I see from the number plate on your jeep in your earlier blog that you are in Nebraska. What sort of weather do you get there? Do you get a lot of snow and ice or is it mainly rain?

    LavendarLady x

  • Looks lovely, well done, we had real icicles last year, was awful. Lol.

    Xx gina

  • Hi, LavenderLady, we get below 0 in the winter, and over 100 in the summers. Fall this year was practically non-existent, and Spring is lovely. We have a constant breeze almost all year long.

    Right now, we are at only 21 degrees and a stiff wind, it's cold out there. I just got back from my walk in the mall with my friend. I'll grab some breakfast & go volunteer again at the Salvation Army. I can't wait to see the kid's faces when they get to pick a gift. It might be kind of a madhouse in there, that's why I only said I'd help a couple of hours today. Plus, I'll be standing on a hard concrete floor that whole time.

    Maybe I'll take my Santa hat.

  • Only 21 degrees! Is that centigrade or fahrenheit? If centigrade I envy you as we are only 9 degrees here in Norfolk, UK and that's warm compared with a week ago when it was minus 2 degrees! LL x

  • 21 fahrenheit, below freezing. We got a dusting of snow too, but I didn't have to scrape the car windows, yeah!

  • Your porch looks fab! Have a wonderful xmas! Xxxx

  • Nice piccie have a great xmas xx

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