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Body Con Dresses

what a con they are! Meant to let you all know how I got on with it. When I first put it on, it was fine - held me in (did wear a body slip underneath to smooth the wobbles out - wore my embroidered black jacket with it, sheer tights and very high heels! By the end of the evening, the dress had lost its shape considerably and looked baggy in all the wrong places. When M & S ask me to do a review, they will get it in the neck! So not a good buy I don't think. Will wear it again and hoping the lycra will have snapped it back into shape.

I also wore a t shirt under it as the neckline was rather strange and left my shoulders and half my neck very bare and uncovered. With my dodgy shoulder at the moment, I have to keep it warm. But under the jacket the t-shirt didn't show at all. I took my jacket off whilst eating dinner as it was very hot in the restaurant at the golf club, and no one commented. So I think the t-shirt shoulders which were black blended well with the dress.

Next time, I think I'll wear a corset and get an 18" waist like my grandmama had. The last time I had a waist anywhere near that (it was 22") was in my twenties and thirties. Grandmother also wore corsets and I have a lovely photo of her taken before WW1, in her beautiful dress with leg of mutton sleeves and lots of lace everywhere and well corseted! My mother did tell me that grandma had a very slim figure as a girl and young woman but child bearing put paid to that. I would hate to tell you what my waist size is now, what with steroids, and all the other drugs we have to take for this rotten disease. LavendarLady x

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Steroids are the bain of my life too. I'm on 3 a day at the moment, but as soon as i start to feel a lot of pain they go up to 4. I wish i could throw them in the bin, but what would i be like without them i dread to think.

Sylvi. xxxx


Well done for at least giving it a go LL - nothing ventured nothing gained?

Sorry the dress bulked up - I have a similar sounding M&S black top that goes very clingy and I wear it under nice baggy sleeveless knits so it shows me off in a good way hopefully- but like your dress everything is low around the chest and shoulders so only wear it if I have a nice scarf and a decent bra and feel like being a bit flirtatious!

I wore a corset for my wedding and have a photo of me looking like something out of a 1920s Berlin nightclub while my hair is being done up by my best woman - I'm very proud of this shot although a bit disbelieving now because like you my waist is not what it was despite the grand effort i make to keep trip when RA permits!

My son's Nintendo Wii Fit continues to shout "Obese" at me when I get my BMI and weight taken before my work outs so I only take the body test on it when I know I'm guaranteed a pound or two off!



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