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Hi All,

Long time no blog, I had to share this morning, as I went to see Peter Kay last night as did thousands of others for Autism Ireland, was a charity event organised by Keith Duffy & his wife Lisa, well I never laughed so much! A lot of stuff I had heard before, but I find Laughing such good therapy. The best part of all was being able to go and walk from car park to Point Dublin, which was no mean feat (for my mean feet), we paused only for a ghastly hot dog!!! The last time I was at a concert was 'Simply Red' & I was simply miserable sitting when everyone stood up, being unable to clap because of sore wrists & hands, but this time I was up with rest of them, clapping & cheering & singing my way to Amarillo!

Other news, my god daughter is getting married on Saturday, and I have to read at the ceremony, so you can imagine I tried to wriggle out of it, sorry but used my RA as excuse, she was having none of it and offered to get me a seat on the alter!! (Horror!) other than me having to walk up, I had said I was self consious about hobbling in front of everyone, anyway she seemed so disappointed I agreed to do it.

I am currently sitting here in black patent 4 inch peep toes and socks trying to stretch them to fit my bunion and curley toes. Oh vanity, I just have to wear them, first time in 3 years to wear heel, there is 160 guests and it is in a very posh hotel in City Center!!! so don't suggest flatties with dress I just can't do it. Along with that I have 4 house guests & my own 3 coming to stay, why am I not panicking. I don't know (must be the Cymbalta)!

As I speak my pug Milly is spreading hair all over the couch!! she is 8 months old, and my shih tzu Lucy is chewing a very messy bone on the rug, ugh I can't even hoover or shop with out my hubs to help!!! He said to me if you wear yourself out you won't enjoy the wedding. Ha - men!!!

XXXX Gina.

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ahhhh black patent 4inch peep toes!!!!, verrry nice.....think I'm developing a shoe fetish :)


I never cared for shoes & heels til I developed RA, and strangely now I crave high heels, which is weird because I am 5ft 8, and am a giant in heels!!!


hi Gina

they say laughter is the best medicine and I'm sure you will have had a lot of the good medicinal benefit from that concert. We were at a wedding on Easter Monday my hubs was the best man and i was the witness for the register, like you I said no to flatties and wore a pair of heeled sandals and so I didn't show my bumpy toes to all i wore tights with sandal toes, you don't get that darker area at the toe end, they were also light support, you know i would have said a few years ago NO to wearing tights and sandals but it must be RA and being a grandmother that makes me feel comfy comes first. The wedding went well and I managed to sign my name as well as I could as the carpal tunnel op has not done as much as i hoped it would. The other thing I worried about was having steroid sweats as I have the biggest wettest shower looking hair sweats, my head seems to get hot then poof the hair starts to get damp and then wet. I had one but managed to get to the loo and dried myself off with the hand dryer in the loo. Not sure what the photos are going to be like there's me to start with straightner hair then 5 mins later with a nice curly wavy bob. lol

RA does have it's moments, you will be wonderful and the joy of seeing your God daughter married will mask anything Ra throws at you, but make sure you and the doggies get a good rest the day before and the day after, let the family look after you.

tricia xx


wow well done you sounds great have only one pair of shoes and one pair of boots with slight heel now sob.. jealous ,, pleased you had great time



Well done Gina sounds like you had a brilliant time, and yes laughter is definitely a medicine. After the catastrophes I've had here this week,could do with a blooming laugh I tell you.

You are very brave to wear heels, but I know what you mean,flatties won't do. I wore some nice small wedge sparkly sling backs with my posh frock on formal nights on the cruise, which were from Evans and so had a good fit and were quite manageable with those squidgy " party feet" type gels that you get to put in shoes. Don't worry anyway, I know that it is easy to say but you will look back on it and you will have such a wonderful day but i expect you know that really.

Well I am off to sign my Will.... depressing isn;t it...

Tara and take care

Julie xx


Got the Boots party gel things for the balls of my feet. Only problem shoes tighter now on bunion! Just stretched bunion part of shoe with punch shoe stretch - god the trouble we go to, but am sure lots of ladies go to trouble so.... My sister is coming from Oxford and her hubs, she is as bad as me, but not diagnosed with RA has compressed discs in neck & back, plus bad hips and ankles!!!! We have a healthy sister too, so am sure she will be gloating, no no helping us! as if.... but then thats a whole other blog. Slan for now. x


I lurve Peter Kay am sooo jealous! Just looking at his face and cheeky grin cracks me up. Also have a shitzu too. Shes an old lady now and follows me everywhere because she is blind ( and arthritic too just like her mum ! )

Hope you have a wonderful time in your Glam shoes




thanks sparkle, I will have comfys with me.Peter Kay is so funny - but he did'nt play for long enough twas his last night mayb he was tired!


Hi Gina, Peter Kay followed by high heels!!! I'm Sooo jealous!! So glad you had a good time though, and all the best for the wedding on Saturday hope the weather stays fine too, be careful in those heels though.

Mand xx


Mandy, My biggest fear is taking a tumble !!!


Hi Gina enjoyed reading your blog how great to be looking forward to the wedding and new shoes too. Heels do make us feel more feminine dont they. I wore some on my date last night. I did need to take his arm to hobble back to the car after the meal lol. Have a great day Saturday. Good luck with your speech you will be brill.


Great blog Gina. I love Peter Kay; the boys have his boxsets and they are great to watch when I need a laugh. I know what you mean about shoes - I never had any interest in them before RA either. Now I lust after weird and wonderful heels on the Irregular Choice website even though I'll never wear them.

Enjoy the wedding Saturday and I'm sure you will give a great speech xxx


Lucky you, I'd love to see Peter Kay live! More jealous about the heels though! I'll make do with a pair of wedges and John Bishop!


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