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Has anyone else ever tried Kinesiology tape to help with their joint pain? I bought some last friday and wore it on my knees all weekend and i truly think it helps with th pain! I tried it on my worst knee the first day and night, and surprisingly didnt have pain in the night. But my other knee was a different yesterday i used it on both knees and walked alot. with hardly any pain or limping. Then last night i had no pain in either knee!! I think this stuff may actually work for a change! Ill wear it to work this week and we shall see.....just wondeted if anyone else had any experience with it. Thanks for listening!

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  • sounds interesting can you tell us more about this tape and were you can get it??

  • Hi Summer i found this in the pharmacy where i work, im a Pharm Tech, didnt know we had such until a coworker brought it to my attention, as she knows how im always in pain limping around, haha. Its the same tape pro atheletes use. It helps to maintain the bodys natural blood circulation to mucsles and joints for increased healing. I used it on and off yhis week at work. I have to say that it really does work. You can keave it on for 3-5 days. You do have to oroperly apply it though. Instructions are enclosed with it or you can watch a video. Worth a try, as i am up for any relief i can get. Hope i have helped you Summer. Callico :)

  • umm free cpd for me ta x

  • not sure we have this in uk pharmacies?? you are u.s tech?

  • Yes in state of Missouri. You can probably find it online also..

  • that is so strange- I was thinking about that very thing this morning. My son-in-law had taped his knee at the weekend as it has been giving him problems(not RA) and wondered if it would indeed work for my joints- might try it.

    Keep us up todate with yours Callico


  • but actually as I hobbled through to the kitchen, burst out laughing at the vision of where I would use this tape....a vision of a Kineingsiology mummy burst into my head, as i put it on my feet, ankles, knees, maybe my hip, moving up to my hands and wrists and my elbows and while we are at it may as well use on my jaw too!!!!! way too funny and am sitting here giggling......(maybe too many tablets today Katie)

    think we should all try it and put our results together for Arthritis research

    We could have a "tape party" and help each other put it on

    I am the only one hear going mad tonight?


  • Haha yes Katie you could be a tape mummy:) I wore this tape both off and on all week. I can say that it does help. I think a "tape party" is a great idea! ;) Hoping you have a great day! Callico

  • Hi only just found this I have been using tape on 1 wrist to see if it works and i would say yes the deadness and pain i get in hands have been killing me it seems much better but you do have to know where and how to tape a friends daughter is a sports physio so she came and gave me a lesson so going to try other hand to see if it works as good then work down to knee


  • Hi Lizz, isnt it strange how a piece of tape can relieve pain!? I hope you can continue to get relief with it. Yes it does take some practice to apply correctly. Glad to know its helping you! :) Wishing you continued relief! :) Callico

  • I should have read this before posting a query just now! It sounds encouraging and I'll certainly be wearing it on my worst knee over Christmas.

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